Siemens SX1

Siemens SX1

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  • Angelo Saratan

All I can say is-WOW!

  • FUN

good,,but pls include wav or mp3 ringing tones

  • james

Hmm, the number pad layout can be a problem to those who is used to keying in SMS messages quickly. Other than that this phone rocks!

  • papadakis georgios

I am real a nokia friend.All my phones was nokia.Now i own the 7210.
But when i see the siemens sx1, i say this phone is for me.It has everything that a user can ask.Nokia must do something better to catch siemens.

  • Anonymous

What a rubbish design this is! The functions are wicked but the design really is a heavy drawback. SHAME ON YOU SIEMENS! YOU'RE DESIGN IS ALWAYS CRAP!

  • Vaina

It will cost 650 - 700 euro.

  • Anonymous

marius you have a full keyboard, although I don't think it's pratical...

  • duron

MUST have this phone!!! where & when can i PRE-order this phone! BTW I wonder how much would it cost when it comes out?

  • Marius

Wow , what a phone .
How do you write on this thing . A full keyboard would be nice or a pen .
As for the 100 gr. shut the f**k up . A few of your jeans buttons probably weigh more than that :) .
I see Siemens isn't fooling about , this is better than any Nokia ( even planned ones ) and I think it'll whipe the floor with GSM-Zilla phones .

  • Tareq

MMM, what a phone!!!

I think this is a Siemens's vectory in GSM industry. No disadvantage but weight, 100 g.

I am planning to get one, after 3 years with the ld deam, SL45.

Anybody knows how to get this phone via Internet??

  • lord_james

you can see the full specs of this phone at the siemens website. i'll surely get this one and rumors abound that this will be cheaper than the p800.

  • Anonymous

Hi, do you have information about this phone, can it browse www ?


hey guyz this thing rux and if some one doesnt like it i just have one thing to say "get a life man"

  • anti-nokia

sms'ing would be complex.... i guess that is something to get used to too, other than that, NIIIIIIIIIIIICE

  • Hoang Duong Minh

Great phone with fun desin,good has nearly everything with Bluetooth, MMS, and a camera that can be attached to the phone which has a integrated flash. I verry love it, hope it soon appear with easy price to buy.
Great phone and features. Simply the BEST!!!
I recommend it!!!!
Congratulations SIEMENS!!!!