Siemens SXG75

Siemens SXG75

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  • Javad

I red feature SXG75 & i think thats a good phone but desighn is bad.
But for everyone that want a good phone its a good.

  • Sean

i think it is a great mobile phone but bad face. and i wanna buy a SXG75, but i never where can i but it in China, dear all, please help me and tell me the price.thank y ou

  • Schenker

Looks like Great But.....
Just Focus on the Design.....Ugly...Sorry
Features r Great.....Stupid Keys.
I can't understand why they gave us a powerful mobile phone has this bad desing???

  • m_mehr

1.So big
2.So ugly
3.So heavy edge
& of course so slow (like other SIEMENS productions)
i prefer NOKIA 6230i,ALCATEL OT S853,SE k750

  • hello_moto

i not saying that this phone is no good but think twice before u put a hole in ur pocket buying this phone n heard the rumours about siemens closing down very soon n philips came to save n crap crap crap n i spend few hundreds on sx1 n s65 n stupid phones n hang most of time n wasted alot of time of sms n look at sx1 how they display the keypad n took 5mins to sms a simple message n mp3 n radio is good but its not a sysbian phone because cant even read the software n hope that siemens will close down for burning people money n sony will dominate the mobile world n u people want umt/3g/vigra/tourch light/etc n if u smell what the sony cooking n check it ur self

  • gotawd

wow, this is thing is just a power house! i have a sl55 right now and have been lookin for something with b-tooth, FM, MP3, good screen, the GPS is an added bonus, etc. this will be my next buy!

  • SETG

When the features are announced Siemens guaranties its performance , so there is no problem for ppl who trust Siemens phones and have tried them to say it's performance is great! by the way don't compare SE s700 with this one.No GPS(big deal) no video telephony , lower resolution of Dcamera etc make s700 incomparable with SXG75.Let's say SXG75 is incomparable with any of presented phones.

  • Anonymous

"GPRS is always that speed boy....but the phone also got UMTS and that is realy fast (+/-200kbps if I ain't wrong ;.. ????)"

k i found out a while back but sounds good to hear anyway.

  • salar

it's wonderfull.i want to know more about that

  • Anonymous

u people have not even try the phone than say great lah n best phone n whatever n let me tell u some thing i brought sx1 n s65 after reading gsm arena high rating which they gave n wasted my money on stupid phone n lucky manage to sell if not i would have lost few hundreds n brought lg t5100 n the same story again stupid crap phone n given high rating n feel very shame of the person who gave rating gsm arena so u people take my advise pls try the phone first before buying n dont waste ur hard earn money n instate donate to tsunami victims thanks n currently using s700i n best phone made by sony ericsson n i strongly recommend this phone to u n dont buy siemens phone n thanks again bye bye bye

  • ThaBoy

GPRS is always that speed boy....but the phone also got UMTS and that is realy fast (+/-200kbps if I ain't wrong ;.. ????)

  • Butzu

This is the mother of all phones ,a complete mobile with everything u can find in a mobile phone today(or u want),best phone ever.If camera is calitative and the price will be resonable it will be da bomb!!!

  • Anathaema

Roni ... chill ... it was about the looks

  • Anonymous

siemens cameras are good but on this site it says 32 - 48 kbps for the data speed. does it not go at faster 3g speeds or this a mistake ?

  • Roni

SIEMENS SXG75 does not look like NOKIA 6600, because NOKIA 6600 has no Video telephony and GPS receiver and also it is not a 3G mobile phone, unlike SIEMENS SXG75 it is a true 3G phone because of it many advantage features like its Network capability UMTS GSM900/GSM1800/GSM 1900 and Video telephony, GPS receiver, Push to Talk.

please read the phone specification before you compare to NOKIA 6600.

  • Anathaema

second, after NOKIA, is Sony-Ericsson
and siemens is a little down to 4 "because" of Samsung

nvm ... this phone doesn't look like N6600 ... much to sagem myX-8
don't u think?

and ... nice characteristics

regarding to the camera. depends, siemens site offers a variation of things for ur mobile, so u can correct the possible mistakes. so, the camera is good (especially on taking pictures of a text - it's quite sharp)

  • Morter

To Dreiken
and who's on second in the world mobile phone market?
by the way, no gratitudes! we are here to read :( ..... just kidding :)

  • Dreiken

Good Day Mates!

- Siemens and the Mobile Phones of today! -

Lately almost all the mainstream mobile manufacturers has released some mind blowing phones all at the very same time.

Now thats good news for us mobile users. Because this means we have better phones and and a wider selection.

Obviuosly this means the manufacturers will have to compete with one another like never before just to keep on track. Targeting the markets (That's Us) preferrences.

This is where siemens has to take the plunge. Being the third largest mobile market holder in the world and still having to suffer considerable loss in earnings means somethings definitely has to be done to totaly redefine and revolutionize all that is "Siemens Mobiles".

According to my sources the latest range that was released was the innitial step toward this.

And among these new models the most interesting and perhaps the most Anticipated is the SXG75.

- SXG75 -

Now the plain basic facts and features that I would say siemens has done right in this unit. But obviously without having the unit I dnt know what are the negative factors this phone posses.

The Memmory is pretty impressive how ever I would like to know the whether the sales pack includes a RS-MMC card.

Finaly and MP3 and FM radio!

Blue Tooth.

Video telephony.

2 MP camera and Video(But no video recording time specified).

And the Applications sounds good, However time will only tell.

Although the desinged looks a little similiar to the 6600, only a bit more rectangular. It looks slightly too bulky!


The Biggest enemy the Siemens Mobile ever had and never really overcame is its own usual short comings that allways had nagged its brand for quite a long time.

The best thing that Siemens had to counter that was its prices.

Lets hope this new blood will finaly raised its Brand to the pinnacle of its industry which I beleive can be acheived.

Thank for your time!

Have a Nice Day! Cheers!

  • Anonymous

has every feature i want in a phone i wish it was available now though as i really want it. are siemens cameras good ? i think that the design of it is really good only thing is the weight and the height ain't too bad. my friend has a motorola a835 and he thinks that is small and light. it is 135mm in height and 157g in weight and is so much bigger than siemens sxg75. siemens sxg75 has far much more and is smaller too so it is convenient.

  • tommy jornes

is it possible to download a video editor program on this mobile like there is on nokia 7610?? do anyone know??