Silver Samsung Galaxy Note9 will be stepping outside the US

Ro, 15 September 2018

A few days ago a rumor flew by suggesting that there's a silver-colored version of the Galaxy Note9 headed to US shores. It looks pretty nice and the S Pen matches the device's color as well.

But if you're disappointed by the limited availability because you really liked the color, you might be in luck after all. The latest report claims that the handset will step outside of the US and will be made available to a lot of other markets. However, it remains unclear whether the silver option would be available on the 128GB and 512GB model or just on one of those.

Here's the supposed list of countries that will be getting the silver Note9:

  • ACR Saudi Arabia
  • AFR Kenya
  • ATO Open Austria
  • AUT Switzerland
  • BGL Bulgaria
  • DBT Germany
  • DKR Kenya (Zain)
  • ECT Nigeria
  • EUR Greece
  • ILO Israel
  • ITV Italy
  • KOO Korea
  • LUX Luxembourg
  • NEE Nordic countries
  • PEO Peru
  • PHN Netherlands
  • ROM Romania
  • SEB Baltic
  • SLK Sri Lanka
  • TCE Mexico (Telcel)
  • VDS Sweden
  • XAC Canada
  • XAR Cellular south
  • XEF France
  • XEH Hungary
  • XEZ Czech Republic
  • XFE South Africa
  • XSK Slovakia
  • ZTO Brazil



Reader comments

True. True.

  • Anonymous

for the first time, Samsung realized it's got a fan base in Nigeria.

  • Irfan

Not Gonna Buy for Sure.. But Happy To See My Country's Name in the List.. Sri Lanka....