Upcoming Snapdragon 1000 might have 12 W TDP, take on Intel directly

Peter, 07 June 2018

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 850 a couple of days ago, its first chip exclusively targeted at laptop-style devices. Sure, it’s a slightly overclocked 845, but it’s a start. More info is surfacing about the Snapdragon 1000 and it will be more powerful than expected.

It will reportedly have a TDP of up to 12 W, nearly double the TDP of the S850 and massive for ARM chip. For comparison, Intel’s U-series – e.g. 8250U and 8550U – are rated at 15 W and have four cores with two threads each.

Intel’s cores are huge compared to the typical ARM core, but then software isn’t great at using much more than 8 cores. So what will Qualcomm do?

Snapdragon 1000 might have 12 W TDP, take on Intel directly

One possibility is using the larger Cortex-A76 core that ARM just unveiled. It promised a 35% performance boost on similar clock speeds (3.0 GHz vs. 2.8 GHz, a 7% increase) and that’s likely the target for phones. In a laptop or 2-in-1 form factor, the clock speed will be higher and the better cooling will allow the chip to sustain those speeds for longer.

Qualcomm is likely looking at TSMC’s 7 nm process to build the Snapdragon 1000. And the ultraportable laptops will be running Microsoft’s ARM version of Windows, which sounds like a much better OS than the ill-fated Windows RT (it has support for x86 apps, though not x64).

Asus may be the first to bring out a laptop with the new chip. The prototype is called “Primus” and features a 1080p screen and WiGig wireless.

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Reader comments

  • Moj

wouldn't that mean the same way for intel? it's 15W would be CPU + GPU. or is it the other wayround? and basically intel's GPU is far better than QC! https://ark.intel.com/products/124968/Intel-Core-i7-8650U-Processor-8M-Cache-up-to-4_20-GHz...

  • Technican

Entire SOC uses 12 watt. The CPU inside Snapdragon 1000 will 6,5 watt TDP

  • Anonymous

Depends on how you measure it, but, since we're talking about games compiled for the we're talking about streaming sp gflops. In that area the ps3 manages around 200gflops vs about 900gflops for the 5960x. The point being that a gpu is a better way...

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