Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC unveiled, LG already working on smartwatches

George, 11 February, 2016

Qualcomm's on fire today. Not only has the US chipmaker announced 3 smartphone SoC's, but it's also followed up with a brand new platform for wearables, dubbed the Snapdragon Wear. The sole chip in the new range at this point is the Snapdragon Wear 2100, bringing significant improvements over the so far default smartwatch choice, the Snapdragon 400.

The dedicated solution for smart devices you'll be strapping to you wrist or chest this year is 30% smaller in physical size than the S400, enabling more compact designs and thinner wearables. It also boasts 25% better power efficiency than the old model.

The Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset packs a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU clocked at up to 1.2GHz, and its Adreno 304 GPU (featured in some of the 200-series chips) can feed displays up to 640x480 pixels at up to 60Hz. Two versions of the chip will be available, one tethered (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi only), the other - connected, with full 2G/3G/LTE cellular connectivity. The chip also supports NFC and GPS, and comes with Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities.

LG was also keen to point out the collaboration between the two companies in the field. Wearables branch vice president David Yoon indicated that the Korean giant is already working on smartwatches, but also other wearables, to be launched later this year.

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  • AnonD-455738

1. You are right, A35 was unveiled not a long ago as I thought, that is my bad. Thought it was last summer/spring, but it was just 3 months ago. 2. The A35 has much better idle saving which is what I guess a smart watch does most of the time. So...

  • AnonD-411204

The thing is Qualcomm is not as ignorant as we are. So, the thing is: 1) Qualcomm designed SD2100 before having A35 libraries available, even if they knew it would exist. This is normal because ARM announcement precedes actual products by a lot of ...

  • AnonD-455738

Obviously I don´t. But neither do you, the fact is that there is a higher chance it´s true than not. Unless of course you can back up your claim, it´s your words against ARMs, and I have no idea who you are or why your word would ma...