Sony announces a6400 with improved autofocus and flip out display

Prasad, 16 January 2019

Sony has launched the a6400, the newest model in its range of APS-C mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system. The new model sits below the flagship model in the series, the a6500, and above the older a6300 model.

The a6400 boasts of an improved autofocus system, that features 425-point PDAF system that can lock focus in 0.02 seconds. It also features advanced eye focus system that keeps the focus locked on the subject's eye instead of an arbitrary point.

The camera features a 24.2MP APS-C sensor that is capable of 4K recording with full pixel readout. The camera can do 11fps burst shot with mechanical shutter or 8fps with electronic shutter with continuous AF/AE tracking.

The a6400 also includes a new tilting mechanism for the touchscreen LCD, making it easier to film yourself. An intervalometer has been added for time lapse video recording.

The camera is priced at $899 body-only, $999 with the 16-50 mm Power Zoom Lens, and $1299 with the 18-135 mm Zoom Lens. It will start shipping in February.



Reader comments

I got a5000, also I know about difference in quality, I mostly worry about things phone gives you instead - big enough improvement in tech(imagine using them with sensor of that size), screen size(its heaven and hell difference in usage), same with c...

My point is size and lens aside, full sized cameras are quite behind in providing similar quality and new tech in this field.

I fully agree with your first point. Though compact cameras still outperform smartphone cameras, they can definitely improve their JPEG processing and smartphone/social media integration. Though many manufacturers seem to have moved in this direction...

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