Sony CM-DX 1000

Sony CM-DX 1000

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  • Fabrizio Ferretti

I need SONY GSM phone CMD-X1000 User Manual possibly in italian language.
If you can send in pdf format to my address.

  • Kris

I need a new battery for my old Sony CM-DX
1000. Any chance for that ?

  • leaping lizards!

wowee. what a great phone. i dont care if my friends larf at me. i think im ql. does anyone know if this phone has bluetooth?

  • hrfhbihbrihbfruhb

ahmed if u want te battery u can go tu a cheapskate shop and any one who say tis is a great phone u must be kidding me thank u

  • matthew griff

horrid fone its is an old brick there needs to be some improvement!!!

  • bryne j muerwa

Iwant sony becauseit look's like the ihad siemen s4 andi's so good for me.

  • Peter

I am looking for a battery pack QN-011BP
for a Sony handy CM DX 1000.
Where can I buy it??

  • vijay singh

am unable to send sms .i have set service centre ,do i have to set protocol id ? am receiving sms without any problem


  • Ahmed

My sweet mobile ever

  • Vladimir Volf

I need Sony CM-DX 1000 manual.

  • asin

can it download a ringtones or how to reset the phone because it refuse a knew sim card

  • Branza Iulian

My god,it`s my telephone,favorite telephone!!!!! Please,i whant one of this model,PLEASE...I`m serious,please,send it to me.It`s very good mobil.Iulian.

  • a


  • Anonymous


  • enid

i sell sony cmdx 1000 for 45 us $.

  • Anonymous


  • era

i have one of these phones for sale at a low price.who is interested in buying it e-mail me.i sell it with desktop charger ,in his original box.

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  • flipper

the phone is great, and 'tosser' obviously is. And he would probaly rather take it up the ass than win a holiday.

  • Daniel

where can i by one of these sony phones