Sony CMD J5

Sony CMD J5

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  • grimcent

dose any remember seeing this phone in the getaway on ps2 lol thats wot made me get one love that phone i still have it.

  • Ken Marinaris

I miss it! Very good mobile:solid,easy to use,qiuck! If u have an oppurtunity,buy it!!!

  • eggboy10

yeah.. i love this phone... wish i could have agen this one.... can i buy this unit agen from sumwhere??? pls help me...

pls release this unit agen!!!

  • Anonymous

I really miss this phone!

Had it for about 3-4 years until the keypad wore out. Had two basic Nokia's since and they haven't been a patch on it.

So easy to use, so stylish. Signal and audio wasn't superb and vibrate was undetectable but otherwise a great phone.

Please re-release this one!

  • Peter

yeh, this is the best phone ever. I really want new model with much better battery, but with the same wheel control

  • iain mcmurray

best phone i have ever had, ok no pictures or videos but the wheel is great and you can record your own ringtones please bring it back.......

  • Anonymous

Great phone... u dont see people holding one everyday... I just got one... my friend lent it to me, i wish i could keep it :)

  • bob

The best phone i ever had. My friends hated the scroll wheel, but for me it was fantatic (oh so quick to navigate!). Cool retro look, cool phone, if you live in a third world country go spend your yen, rupies, etc on this!

  • Anonymous

Had this for 6 years, great phone! loved the scroll-wheel

  • Moti lal verma

I am an engineer.It`s a very fentastic handset,i am using it for 2 years.many friends of my says me that when will u change it but i refused them.i says them that no mobile like sony cmd-j5.

  • johnny d

This is a great little phone.
Very basic, but in terms of the feel and ergonomics, it's as good as anything out there. It just feels right!

  • england1

had this mobile for 3 weeks and i just hated it. never again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is a polyphonic so arrange the page because i have this phone and i will not accept to be insulted

  • mahesh.v.r

its best phone i ever seen among non coloured mobile phones.its technology impressed me.i have arranged one handset of j5,but it has some problems.can you arrange another one to me?it will be very useful to me.i have searched for it every where but no result.consider my request.

  • Yomis Sijuade

Its a good phone. I really enjoy using but i have a problem now. The phone can not get the network. Its searching for network for days now. What should i do.

  • bayomi damilola

its a nice and lovely phone to use and i would like to configure my wap.

  • mehdi dashti

It's a nice Phone Set, that deserves to be appreciated. But I need to Know that How can I set ringer and vibrater to work at same time! it would be a great help.

& tell me about security cods.

  • Faizan

It's a nice Phone Set, that deserves to be appreciated. But I need to Know that How can I set ringer and vibrater to work at same time! it would be a great help.

  • alex

Good phone big time but how can i get my phone to vibrate and to unlock the security code because i can't use ma wap/ connect ot the internet

  • harriet loeffler

please can you tell me where i can buy a replacement charger. sony cant help
many thanks