Sony CMD J70

Sony CMD J70

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  • os

The manual can be downloaded from­7_ver2_EN_28_0_990.pdf

hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

can you tell me when the wallpapers are disponibled to send by sms,and i need a manual for the cmd j70,to find out more about this silver bomb!thanks a lot

  • Michel

Anyone can answer my 2 questions posted here below on 2002-10-08 please???????

  • hadi hartono

where do i get QN3-RS or USB and QN3-DS for my CMD J70....thanks

  • johnnybravo

About that sound locking bug: it occures when typing too fast and keyclick is enabled. If you disable the keyclick sound it doesn't happen any more...

  • clautho

this is a great phone and i like it very much,it is silver and it is like a jewllery

  • elsie

I use a sony J70 handset. And i think the phone rocks. Its got kool features

  • Ulta

This is a great phone and its fun to use, but over a short time it will stop playing sounds and lock up. This has happined many times to me. Ive had it replaced 4 times and it still locks up.
Prehaps sony should test thier phones before they sell em.

  • Michel

Someone can answer these questions please?
1) can this phone record a memo, like a dictaphone? Some web sites say YES ...
2) Can you program keys 1-9 to make dial shortcuts?

  • eddie

great fone but finding it difficult to find down loadable ringtones please help

  • anonymous

this phone is very good for free

  • asaad asaad

pls I need software

  • HiVE

Great little phones,both J7 and J70,but not perfect.What`s good:design (in silver),size,battery,menu system,extended agenda,pop3 mail,HTML browser,scheduler,polyphonic ringer.What`s not so good:stupid alarm rings only when phone is on,useless ringer recorder,picture messaging is not compatible with anything except Sony,wallpapers are not downloadable from the web,also very poor vibrator (in fact the phone doesn`t have a vibrator,it vibrates by sounding a low freq sound through the speaker.Overall,it`s quite ok,I have mine for about a month and I`m satisfied with it.

  • hristo mihov

it is very gud.

  • Razvan Ciurez

This cell fone it's cool. But, from where do I get wallpaper for it??

  • jafari

i dont know misscall mobail.

  • Hassan

sir i wants a walpaper of sony cmd j70

how can i get

  • sayomi

i need to buy a phone but can't decide beween j7 / j70 could you send me list of comparison

  • Simsim

FM Radio and scrolling Keys would be preferable, though the design is really cool!!

  • Qalbin Salim

I have been buying sony CMD J70 last week and after I recheck the manual book it, I didn`t found manual book version English. Therefore, whould you pls sent to me the manual book version English in order I can use it.

Thanks for you attention and support.
Best regards,

Qalbin Salim
Jl.Musa 09/10 No.44 Keb.Lama selatan
Jakarta Selatan. Indonesia 12240