Sony CMD Z7

Sony CMD Z7

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  • terry

i hate this phone every time i make a call i have to put it on loudspeaker as u cannnot hear through the normal speaker

  • catherine

hi i have a sony z7 but my charger has been lost. caould you please tell me how much it would be for a new charger or an in-car charger.
i am very impressed with this phone, it is very easy to use and the quality is good.
thanks Caatherine

  • dejan

Very good phone.

  • Wasanthaw

Nice design which support the user with very attractive manner. Better if it had the features for download pictures from other makes as Nokia and Samsung


i inserted the phone somewhere and i cant find it? funny thing is my arse now vibrates!!!

  • Nislam

Its a nice compact phone, good scrrne size,
nice ring tones

  • Chivu Romeo

I like very much this phone. I wish I could have one !

  • mdahli

price of sony cmd z7 ,cmd z5 and nokia 6510

  • bono v

Could you set the vibration and the ringing to work together simultaniously? Thanks!

  • Ivor

A lovely compact phone with all the facilities advertised. But where is the vibrater????

  • Siavash

It's great.

  • ivan

Where can I find wallpapers for z7? Thanks..

  • suiugan ionut

This is a good phone i like it

  • cristian

super.....desing.....the best....

  • muky

Where do we can find how to download wallpapers for sony cmd z7?

  • uruemu

This phone is the bomb, I luv it, I like the ring tone the size, everything about it, hoping to get my own soon, its just that am broke, I would have gotten it a long time ago, I was using j70 but it missing. Z7 is da bomb

  • klein

I have this phone and I'm satisfied! It's very good! Almost perfect. Vibra alert could be stronger and... more polyphonic ringers!!! I belive Sony could sell thousands of Z9 if they were.... But now - motherfu***** SonyEricsson...

  • anh vu

excellent mobile phone ! I want more polyphonic-ringtones and how to load it!

  • rami bashour

no arabic language

  • adi

i'm want to bay charger for cmd z7
thank you.