Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • Aziz Novitch

Hi guys indeed i was really so affected by all your coments showing the benefits of that wonderful phone so i decided to get one which i found it in a selling website.. Now in 2019 for just 29,56 $ ,i have the sony ericsson c702 finally in a perfect stat, thank you buddies.

The keypad has that T610 layout.

  • AnonD-125700

AnonD-212147, 11 Dec 2013how to flash my mobile by R3EA037? please helpWith a2uploader

  • AnonD-660074

I got mine in 2008 and a year after it got stolen, and i have not found a new one like this... :C

  • iAmey

Using this phone since 2009 till date (Feb-2017). Best Phone ever. Applications like FB, Opera, etc. run quite well even in parallel processing of phone functions and media player. As it run various java applications, it is a smart phone along with sturdiness! Unmatched Bass quality for in-pack headphones. This is what a phone should be. Alas Sony withdrawn support for it.

  • AnonD-105215

I bought mine in 2009 and I'm still using perfectly, smooth and a very hardy phone...this kind of devices are not available in the market drop will smashed your device...but these are like metal

  • farid 85

it's really a good mobile till now, i bought it in 2009 and i still use it nowadays 2016
without problems.

  • Tails

I've bought this phone in 2009 and used it for 2-3 years, when I passed it on to my mother. It's generally a decent phone, nice size, OK camera and good screen, and GPS as a bouns. It was quite decent for its time and price. However, some problems were persistent. The middle plastic part of its housing broke around the camera button for me three times, two during the warranty period when they replaced the piece. I didn't abuse the phone, so my bet goes towards it being a design fault. That wouldn't even be such a problem if the phone wasn't supposed to be splash and dust-resistant. The keypad is small and ergonomically a complete failure. Although the phone's housing seems quite solidly built, the details such as the aforementioned plastic piece and the M2 memory card slot cover piece seems to be unable to close properly ruin the final impression. The paint is prone to chipping but I'll give it that being due to its age rather than build quality. Otherwise, the phone seems decent, even if it's definitely outdated. The problematic Sony Ericsson charging port seems to work flawlessly even after 6 years, although it might have been replaced together with the plastic piece during it's visits to the service under the warranty period. The screen doesn't seem comically small coming from a 4.5" Android smartphone, the LED backlight is really useful, and the GPS, even if it can't be used for navigation without internet data connection or advanced third-party apps, is a nice addition. So I'd say it's a nice phone for it's age and price, even if it's full of small faults and obviously outdated.

  • AnonD-378855

It's wonderful device! And my C702 have some little problems. I searching new one! Any one else can help me?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2008wow a really pretty phone! i like this one so much!! which is be... morei fogot my sony ericsson c702 phone lock code

  • lily

its very hard to find sony ericsson C702 covers

  • saro

i want this type mobile

  • AnonD-212147

how to flash my mobile by R3EA037? please help

  • AnonD-212147

how to flash my mobile by R3EA037? please help

  • AnonD-212147

guyz please help. how good is the gps of this set?

  • wesley

my phone uses java midp 2.0,is there way to update to latest java 6.0 or any java more than the current one?

  • nirmal

Anil, 19 Sep 2011I have sony c702 in good condition but its have a problam in my ... moreSame

  • nem

this phone are excelent some know where i can get the external cover front and back or all but in original... c702 rulez!!!

  • Anonymous

i love my very much c702 sony ercisson

  • snow

I've had this phone for 4 years, the battery still lasts for 3 days. I have dropped the phone several times and water has spilt over it. It works perfectly. Internet works OK for basic stuff (e-mail, google maps, ebay). Definetely the best phone I've ever had.