Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • paul enterprise

great phone well built,slim and packed with features a must buy.

  • biker2342000

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2008face detection for SE is so late.....haha samsung has it a long... moreguys seriously who cares everyone has a preference and the phone companys are meeting customer demands leave it at that ye? its just rediculous how you go on day and night....

  • Anonymous

face detection for SE is so late.....haha
samsung has it a long time :P

  • jam

the phone is great especially the camera. But the only problem with this phone is???????? its not a wifi phone. thats it!!!

  • PB

Yeah, not sure how this phone differs from the K850? Is it just the K850 in different clothes? Or an update that would have been called the K902?

  • biker2342000

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2008Thanks, I am doing fine! I do not need or recommend any 20" d... morein reguards to the screen size comments made by iothers on this form i would just like to add...

this is rather petie to be honest,i mean a screen is a screen from personal experience nokia kinder went wrong with the screens for the N series FULLSTOP their faults are never ending and their new software isnt amazing to be honest... this isnt an attack on nokia at all the other brands also have faults SE's faults normally involve the speaker or the mic and although their software can be slow its not as bad as the other one i mentioned....all in all the c902 looks like a great phone and i have one on order i also have the n95 and htc dual touch phone so i will be able to compare those 3 and with the nokia N95's poor build quality a 3210 would be more impressive.

Finally i would just like to say the phones that are released by all brands aregreat designs and ideas so to speak but if a little more time was taken and customer satisfaction was taken into account instead of beating each others release dates the phones would be far better and all the silly forums like this wouldnt be filled with users complaining...they would be filled with people singing the praises of the relievant companys and brands...
so guys no offence ment to anyone lets keep the arguements at home and just opinions nd advise please? thats why the sites here....

  • Anonymous

Yeah you get a free replacement if you are paying for the insurance and give them a police crime number! pretending you lost your phone so you can get another one is called FRAUD bright spark and they'll block the imei of your old handset so you can't use it without them knowing...

  • Anonymous

i know how to get the phone by free in england!!! wahahaaha!!!! most probably, the phone was post paid, and they will go the phone center and tell them that it was gone or stolen.... then, they will provide you with the same unit for free!!! is that right mr. free c902???

  • Anonymous

ZZZ... this phone is good..

  • Anonymous

sampan, 22 Jun 2008Finally got my C902 released yesterday in SG. After thorough ev... moreomg... nice 1

  • Anonymous

this phone has frace detection but this website didnt mention about it?

  • Kindine

Why would anyone buy this fone when the cam is so bad? There are so many other models and cheaper,,at least think about it for goodness sake

  • Ian R

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008You just so much out - you can not even comprehend that he got t... moreI can tell you i got my C902 for FREE, but i do live in ENGLAND.

  • Andy Burgin

Just read a review about the C902 on an o.k the mobiles slim an looks o.k but the camera on this model is the worst i have seen by Sony Ericsson there not much brightness with the images as they compared fitst will the K850i then the N82 an this mobile can"t compete at all with the camera quality on both these mobiles an can"t see the buzz about this mobile lasting long now it been just released an with the N96 on its way Sony Ereicsson have done the right thing an are going to release the C905 soon

  • qman

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970funny that cas my samsung was $620 when i bought that about 6weeks its selling for $460... whats your point bro??

  • Roxy

I'm not too sure about this model yet. The only real major difference is the fact it's 5MP, and it has a little touchscreen on the side for camera options, rather than having them in a menu. Other than that, I can't see any difference in comparison to the K850i.

  • sampan

Finally got my C902 released yesterday in SG. After thorough evaluation between N82 and C902, I decided to get the latter instead. In terms of simplicity and eased of use, SE is always straight-forward and will hardly get "hanged" for no reason. Guys ! C902 is not a PDA phone but a Excellent 5-megapix Camera + latest featured phone. If you are in for PDA, then opt for G900 instead. My only "WISH" for this C902 should comes with WIFI capability. Comparing with its predecessor like K850, K800, K810, C902 has great improvement & stand out being a professional device in terms of layout, design and functionality. I give it 9/10. My 2 cents worth.

  • eddie

Anyone use this phone coming from K850i? How do they compare? or How is this phone? Thanx, eddie

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970You just so much out - you can not even comprehend that he got the phone for FREE!!!

You are out of it!

  • Anonymous

The only 'problem' I have with this phone is the fact its a fingerprint magnet on the front - otherwise reception, volume, features are perfect - pictures taken are really good and the 'flash' is perfectly adequate for a phone camera - fits nicely in hand and slim but not too slim. The display is also fine for a phone - if I was expecting to watch a full-length film on it then I'd probably have a moan about it.