Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Anonymous

Getting back to C902!

Only few in-depth independent review is available:

The camera suppose to be horrible!

But read it for yourself (conclusion):

˝ If we donít take the camera into consideration (as it is worthless for the time being) I have to say that C902 is not what I expected. I donít really find much sense in the touch-sensitive buttons; the numeric keys are strange, so, once more, we cannot say that itís a real innovation, I personally find K850i as a perfect replacement for this model. Of course the metal case is a good thing, assembly quality is great, but I donít know if this will be enough nowadays. You can start throwing your stones, but C902 gets no award from me. ˝

Yes, SE fans - it may look good, but no substance!

And with all SE phones - the reliability another issue - We find out only after a few months of usage.

  • Anonymous

everybody is fighting.
stop this.
leave the nokia fans suck the glory with their precious 2.4 inch, 16 million color, all-in-one multimedia device.
and leave the SE fans live a simple life with their high-quality, and good looking phones(not like the n78, n81, n82, n96)

  • Anonymous

QxcG loves Nokia (?)

You may get fired for this:

˝ Nokia phones have great features ˝ - following your method of quotation :))))

  • Anonymous

SE fans keep putting down other phones calling a brick - so lets see that:

Recent SE phones:
W890, C902, G900 - unfortunately none of them lived up to the expectations - I am really sorry for that.
None of them as good as the K850i especially if we consider the time when it was released.

Only hope (we have some data) in the pipeline is the XPERIA X1 with its 17mm thickness. I guess when the goal is to manufacture a decent phone SE also follows others and makes a brick like phone.(111x53x17 mm)

I think it is time for the fans to get used to the fact that their # 1 (actually #5) makes brick-like phones.

  • Anonymous

The quite positive review came up with this:

- Small screen
- Hard-to-touch keypad
- No standard slots
- Poor quality of photos

Well, if you do not care about these features - you may think this is a great phone, but I and many others care!

Others (like SE fans) do not care! :)
Please, go buy and enjoy this fantastic phone with ... actually there is no any special feature except the high price - trust me on that - SE will not put anything on the market this good for cheap price.
But it worth it - it has the SE logo on it!

  • Anonymous

Quite a positive in-depth review:­ricsson_C902-rev.html

  • Anonymous

me, 04 Jun 2008is this phone any better than K850i? sensible answers pleaseNot just to show that I am not a nokia fan:

The K850i is probably the best SE phone.

It was certainly a good phone when it came out!!!!!! (not taking the price into the eval)

Now, it is little old. But, SE could not produce anything better.

The price is around 300-350 USD which is ok.

I think by far better than the C902.

  • Anonymous

Fanatics here unable to reason here!

So, only thing they can do is insult!

That makes SE fans really look good.

Here if someone critic a phone becomes a Nokia owner or fan - I wonder why? :)

I guess they can not except the fact that:

these are the FACTS!!!!!
Official DATA!!!

Market share for 2008 Q1:

1: ****a has about 40% of the market
2: ******g
3: *******a
4: ** **********s
5: Sony Ericsson has only 7.6% of the market.

By the way, SE lost about 1% (compare to 2007)

92% of consumers think they better off with a NOT SE phone.

By the way, while SE looses market share Korean companies gain - BIG TIME - up to 50%!!!

SE makes 2.4˝ scrrens like many others and the does not increase the size of the phone - while the screen area 43% larger than c902!

How smart is that?

list the 256K display as a good thing? :)))
Is there anything worst out there?
No - the good screen is 16M.

The camera quality was evaluated by independent reviewers - published: it is horrible! The C902 was not recommended to buy!

  • eternal_wind

check this out!!!­-85709.shtml

bright future for SE i hope

  • me

is this phone any better than K850i?

sensible answers please

  • has

I like these phone its slick in style tho resembles the k750i which was the first ever SE phone i ever purchased.ahhhh the memories! i love that phone!

Great stuff SE.gonna so buy this phone.

  • The Daddy

I handled this phone in my local 3 store (I'm due an upgrade middle of July, so thought I'd start looking around).
The lady in the shop couldn't wait to show this to me. I'm glad she did, cos I was thinking about the W890i instead. Granted the C902 was a demo model, but it's enough for me to make my mind up and choose that for my upgrade.
I'll happily wait the mere 40days to get it. The W890i doesn't come with autofocus, the c902 does. (I've always been a Nokia fan, but after checking out my son's K660, I'm ready to change over).
Well done SE!

  • Anonymous

- camera phone.
- music phone.
- gps phone.
- digital broadcast phone.
- game phone.
- wifi phone.

Only thing I would like to know:
C902 is what kind of phone?

It is all down to that most hated department called MARKETING.

- camera phone (independent review show and demonstrated that the picture quality is lousy!!!)

- music phone.
(no high quality playback is available)

- gps phone. (NO GPS!)

- digital broadcast phone. (NO DVB-H the screen is too small!!!)

- game phone.(screen is too small)

- wifi phone. (NO WIFI!)

I decided to get a phone only 2.4˝ screen or larger.

The difference between 2˝ vs. 2.4˝ is 43% larger screen area!!!!!!!!!

Huge difference while the phone size practically the same!

  • lol_maker

Pepsi, 03 Jun 2008Only reason I need wifi is cos where I work there is a free hot ... more600$$ a month??? WOW...thank God my company pays my phone bill :P

  • lol_maker

plwh888, 03 Jun 2008people., this is a cybershot phone means camera take priority ov... moreI agree! It's sad but true...Marketing also does that product segmenting to avoid what they call "Cannibalisation", i.e. one product eating another's product's market share.

And if they release the so-called perfect phone it will be very pricey so they need to combine features in a smart way that best reflect the phone proposition.

Best advice, pick the phone that best suits your needs or build your own :)

  • plwh888

people., this is a cybershot phone means camera take priority over everything else.

As for WiFi, GPS, there are other models that are build for it. There is no perfect phone.

It is all down to that most hated department called MARKETING.

- camera phone.
- music phone.
- gps phone.
- digital broadcast phone.
- game phone.
- wifi phone.

The marketing dept will add various items from the above to form a new phone but sadly, they would not add all to form a perfect phone. They call it Product Segmenting.

It happened to Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

We wont get a PERFECT PHONE, or you may get a phone with all the functionality but still it will only become a Jack-of-all-trade-but-master-of-none phone.

That's life . . . sad

  • Pepsi

lol_maker, 03 Jun 2008Ok fair enough! I didn't know the WiFi would have such an impact... moreOnly reason I need wifi is cos where I work there is a free hot spot so while I am "working" I surf the net... And come on here =)

From what I have seen from most networks though is ridiculous prices for internet usage... I have a plan with the network I work for which is 100MB for $11.95 a month which is pretty good but when you get to out of bundle rates its crazy. I've heard of people racking up $600 bills for net usage in a month.

  • lol_maker

Pepsi, 03 Jun 2008Ahhh, but I own a Nokia and i would not turn to SE for this... ... moreOk fair enough! I didn't know the WiFi would have such an impact on people's choice. See for me I don't mind the WiFi since I prefer to use my laptop when I am home, at the airport or any other place with WiFi connection (I don't like phone screens for browsing the net) and if I ever have to use my phone then the C902 provides you with an HSDPA connection which is good enough for my purpose and that can be used anywhere (not just in hot spots)

As for the Xperia I think it is going to be too big for my pockets so no go for me.

  • Pepsi

Anonymous, 02 Jun 20084 letters: C902Ahhh, but I own a Nokia and i would not turn to SE for this...
Where is the Wifi!!!

But I would turn to SE for the Xperia

  • jam

hello guys, if you want to purchace this c902 you better go to any axiomtelecom shop and make for the booking. U will pay at least 200dhs. once you get the phone it will be deducted to the price of the phone. And u will get ur dream phone!!!!!