Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Anonymous

still no optical zoom

  • Anonymous

why dont SE use Carl Zeiss optics ??? Thats why nokia are defeating SE, just because of Carl Zeiss optics

  • josh

the opinion of one guy wont settle how this phone rating is.. so Steve if thats your opinion than thats that. everyone can go back and fort saying this phone sucks this phone is awesome.. so for everyone waith till this phone hit the market get the real thing in your hands and make your opinion base on what you feel see. simple is that. till then don't listen to anyone cause no one makes their mind for everyone. cirterly not mine.. ill decide wether this phone is right for me. so you should do the same. is just like buying a car. you won't buy it till you test drive it right? right!...

  • Basir Molla

It's Great

  • Anonymous

I just hope that this phone's camera is better than that of the K850's as because the K850 had
many problems with its both camera and software

  • You

This phone is one of my top 5 wanted cellphones. It's very stylish.

  • Radhityo Rahadian

The SE C902 it's the good Cybershot phone.Because it has 5 megpixel and face detection for the get the better picture.

  • curtis

This is a sweet phone. It's thinner than the k550, has the touch keys and a 5mp camera. two things though... too small of screen, i mean, come on... and why no built in GPS? I'm torn between the w760 and this one due to the strong points and weak points of both. Too bad the cell phone company i work for gets everything last, i mean seriously, we are ABOUT to get the HTC Touch and the Nokia 5310.

  • Anonymous

The Walkman-version of the Sony Ericsson C902 is on the way. The codename of it is Patty.

  • Steve

Just checked the prices again and at the time of writing, the red variant will be 350 and the black version 20 cheaper.

  • Steve


It's going to be approx 350 SIM free in the UK. I expect the price to fall quite quickly when they realise it's not selling very well. It styling is horrendous so it's not going to sell based on looks and as I said yesterday, the camera is rubbish which is the main feature of this handset.

  • Anonymous

the picture quality is noisy (red specs at the background).. due to small lenses and high pixel. though its very compact and stylish but due to it, the features are compromised. its better to wait for the next the small screen and the touch screen pads ( which consumes an amount meant for the screem) , its quite not that convincing. . what i appreciate is that it's camera flash is better than xenon. ..
the features of k850 should be retained in this phone ( the screen and the accelerometer)...

hope i will be convinced next time

  • rob

does anyone know the price range of this phone yet? or have any idea what it would be?

  • Steve

I work for one of the leading Networks in the UK. We test all handsets long before they head to retail.

I know it's not out yet - I never said that it was. I said, and I quote myself "Been testing this phone prior to release".

Note the "prior to release" part.

  • Anonymous

@ steve;

how can you say that this phone is not good? and forthermore this phone is not yet out so don't pretend that you have one of this phone and all I can say to you b4 saying negative about this phone be sure that you have this phone bec. one main reason is that this phone is not yet out...

  • Steve

Been testing this phone prior to release and all I can say is don't get your hopes up! The screen is far too small for a modern Cybershot device and the camera quality is absolutely awful. Not sure if anyone speaks Hungarian here, but here is a review with the final version for retail and as you can see, the quality is poor and the review mauls the handset:­yes_szet_huzas/kamera.html

Very disappointing.

  • Anonymous

I really like the desing of this phone, hopefully its gonna be avaiable soon

  • Anonymous

does anybody know when this phone is coming to Australia, i really really want this phone, am not getting k850i i am going to wait and get this one

  • C902

this is the slimmest 5 megapixel camera ever.

  • ashlee

Possible K850i replacement!

It depends...the k850i is better than ever now!!
Its out in quiksilver and pulls girls!

This is good though!!

I'll wait a while though now!!

Its not going to be a must have phone for the K850i owner!