Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Anonymous

SE RULES! new generation for Sony Ericsson! and i hope Nokia phone will not copy the design and features of this cool phone bec. Nokia phones are loosers!

  • Rashed Sheikh

This is the exact time when SE can introduce
a series of handsets with DVD-like videos, FM transmitters, Optical zoom & a 7MP camera with a bit more 'contrasted & saturated' images.
And if all this not happens, that will be too late again for Sony Ericsson becoz Nokia doesnt waste time doing all new but successful experiments.

  • Rashed Sheikh


Plz for God sake try to hire any of
the DESIGNER from Motorola or Samsung. You are miles....ssss behind in Handsets' designing & color selection..
You have introduced magnificent featured sets but (sorry to say) in dull packing. It'll surely prove a big loss in attracting people attention..

  • sarosh

only 256k colors. no wlan?????????????are you going for a camera or.......

  • Anonymous

looks hot. 10.2mm OMG im so gonna get this.
or the g900. soon.

  • Haekon

Guyzzzz!! This phone DOES have XENON flash!!
I checked it on Sony Ericsson official sites in several languages.
You can check.

"Throw a little light on the subject with xenon flash. It emits a burst of high-intensity light at just the right moment, allowing you to shoot well-lit pictures indoors or in low-light conditions."­hones/topics/c902/photophone?cc=gb&lc=en­hones/topics/c902/photophone?cc=es&lc=es­hones/topics/c902/photophone?cc=fr&lc=fr
(In 3 languages in case you don't believe it lol)

So, 'photo flash' meant 'xenon flash.'
'Photo flash' presents only in phones that do have xenon flash. (e.g. K800i,K810i,K858i)

it's doubtful though where Xenon flash could be. So LED-look-alike flash is actually Xenon flash? Or maybe Xenon flash is located with the LED together?

Whatever.. YES! XENON FLASH!
I'm definitely buying this phone hehe

  • Anonymous

wat the hell..great phone..i think they are gonna put in the t-series camera into this man..this fon roxx..

  • el85

wow i really want to see the black one, sure looks way cooler than this
3 cheerz for SE =D

  • Anonymous

The camera slide design is innovative, but if Sony acquisitive the C"9"02 as a high class phone, really disappointed for the 2 inch screen

  • james

I agree, the K-series are going to be replaced by the C-series. It makes sense, C for Cybershot. Well letīs hope this device will challenge the new Nokia N82 (The best Nokia Phone up to date, forget all the other N-devices). I am a SE-Fan, but the K850i was very dissapointed. However I think who is looking for the ultimate Cellphone will have to wait until SE release the successor for the C902. 5MP are great, but optical zoom and 30fps with VGA resolution cannot longer be missed. Have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

the k series isn't dead basically the k series was replaced by the C series

  • Haekon

Does C902 have Xenon flash or LED Flash?? or does it have both? i really really want to know.. i dont want guesses. i want the TRUTH. who can tell me the TRUTH? thanks

  • Manikandan

Brand new announcement of "C" series cybershot family phone looks great........but with no Xenon flash...........

  • roman

SE finally started making good phones.

  • Dani

so if this is a Cyber-shot SE have made a new range then?

C Range?


  • G9

Okay, scratch my last post. THIS is gonna be my new phone! SE have spoilt us.

  • Anonymous

Thank God SE have returned to normal buttons ! No more squares or little circles but good ole fashioned pressable buttons for texting.

  • eNVy

Wow that is so sexy! Thank you SE!

  • chuen

Better pictures please!

I cant see anything on the front.

  • Anonymous

is so niceeee