Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Dani

jason.jamaica., 24 Dec 2008so wat does Symbian mean? Its a User-interface

  • anonymo

merry xmas everyone!!
i bought this phone last saturday!! its awsome!! i found it better than the N95 8GB!!!!!
however my bluetooth stopped working today :S
each time i try to sent it says sending cancelled, other phones can't find mine and each time i turned it on it wont turn off unless i restart the phone :S :S :S helppppppp plz :'( :'( :'(

  • love it

after having used both symbian and winMo phones I got back to a regular K800 from SE and I realized that you should nevver mix computers with phones.
now I bought the C905 and absolute love it for the simplicity, UI and great camera.
at work I still use a HTC but I'll never go back to use i in my spare time. good work SE

  • nick

a very merry christmas to you all

  • john

nick, 17 Nov 2008why why why why would anyone buy this!? aah just look at the com... moreHi,
New to all this, upgrading my nokia asap on contract.

Just started looking today was recommended a SE C905.

Mind blowing to me, i would like a GPS and mapping soft ware package, a must really. Will take any good advice and consider any phone,but features must work.
Thank you.

  • anonymous

got this phone today. how can you connect to wifi? mine says on and connected but if i go to internet it says not connected.. help pls

  • jason.jamaica.

Dani, 23 Dec 2008Nobody even knows what Symbian is lol My neighbour has a N95 ... moreso wat does Symbian mean?

  • Shino03

symbianizer, 24 Dec 20088 mp is just a number. As of this moment, nothing beats Nokia N8... moreNo offense, I know that N82 is a nice camera phone but even if you make the cameras of those phones into 5 mp, it's just a matter of fact that N82 can't simply beat the best cameraphones. Let aside megapixels and look for some other things like face detection, smile detection, smart contrast, wide dynamic range, image stabilizer, blink detection, bestpic. Do you think that the N82 of yours got those stuff?


CAN u put facebook on ths phone like a blackberry? so when you take pictures u can blog them straight to facebook?

  • Anonymous

symbianizer, 24 Dec 20088 mp is just a number. As of this moment, nothing beats Nokia N8... moreyou're absolutely wrong..have you've read GSMArena's 8megapx shootout?? it clearly states there that these devices (8mp equipped handset) easily surpasses any 5mp cam handsets in the market.

you have just became a "cry wolf"


this phone can make video calling??my customer trade tis phone cannot make video calling?is'it true??

  • symbianizer

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Go for INNOV8, kabayan. If you'll take other features in consideration, you can't go wrong with INNOV8. But if camera is all that matters to you, its practical to choose C905 to save some bucks.

  • David Lim

Bought C905 and within a week earpiece no sound and cant communicate.Replace a new set and within 2 weeks same problem arise,very frustrated as all information gone and long queue and now taking my Hp to troubleshoot and i believe there is batch or technical fault.After repair dont know whether can solve problem.1st month already so much problem, after ?????

  • symbianizer

8 mp is just a number. As of this moment, nothing beats Nokia N82 when it comes to camera even when compared to 8mp camera phones. Lots of credible reviews from TV, magazine, and internet is a testament to that fact. Honestly speaking, if you prefer camera/dislay quality, go for Nokia. If you prefer audio however, go with SE.

  • C905 user

Im having a problem with the camera. When i push the shutter down to activate camera mode, the camera won't respond and I have to use the main camera button on the side (just beside the 8.1 mega pixel sign) Just so I could activate the camera. This went for about 3-4 days. Now even if I push the camera button, It won't activate to camera mode And that pesky "open lense cover" just won't dissappear anymore even with the shutter down. Does anyone have a simillar experience with their c905? I was opting for an N82 but I thought this phone was great. turns out its gonna be a great pain in the ass!

  • Jajay†NeverZai

Any1 gt any website to download themes,aplications or games for C905? Please leave a msg here or add my msn
Thx a lot ^^

  • Marc

I got this phone a couple days ago and I'm loving it. I've read a lot of bad reviews but all the negatives are yet to be seen. Most of the features I won't use on the phone such as the WiFi and GPS. I bought it solely for the camera. I had the K790a before and this is just a big upgrade. The phone takes marvelous pictures. Well done SE!!!!

  • Anonymous

bad batrry life ! and poor sound quality :( but camera in night is good !

  • Dani

nick, 23 Dec 2008or because they dont know any different.Nobody even knows what Symbian is lol

My neighbour has a N95 8GB ..i told him it runs on Symbian Platform.

He was like WHATS THAT!

I replied LOL

  • nick

Dani, 22 Dec 2008Not everybody wants the Symbian ....I dont like Symbian at all..... moreor because they dont know any different.