Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

nick, 03 Jul 2008whatever nokia do, there is always someone complaining.... no... moreyes people complain, about people like you that feel the need to return to forums of phone they have no intention in buying.

  • Anonymous

dani can you post a site where it says it has vga video?

at mobile review it has been confirmed that c905 only has QVGA video at 30 fps...

  • Anonymous

me, 04 Jul 2008i am not slaggin off n95 or any models... its just nokia claim i... morewell it can type...install applications.....have games and emulate different types of videos, have a pc like browser
I think it all screams out as a mini computer to me(n95)

  • Jin

Does anyone here lives in UK (Beirain)? If you do, do you have any idea when is this phone will be release? I was ought to get the c902 one but i went on the se site to compare between those 2 phones & i find c905 is way better than the c902. You can reply here or email me at

There are very few things that unsatisy 1, the thickness of the phone.

  • Dani

me, 04 Jul 2008i am not slaggin off n95 or any models... its just nokia claim i... moreTruely said

  • alena


i really like this phone...

but im really confused between w960i n c905, so plz can some 1 help me out

which 1 is much better n which 1 should i buy ?

  • me

i am not slaggin off n95 or any models... its just nokia claim it to be a computer when they know its clear not.. its good phone with loads of features but CERTAINLY not a computer yet...

And plEEEEzz dont waffle about what computer means because US (normal people) if it says computer it means "A COMPUTER" just like where I am sat with with now - a PC.

Its just purely lying and thats what I dont like. We dont expect everything to be perfect but at least dont lead us to be believe in something isnt.

  • nick

whatever nokia do, there is always someone complaining....

nokia give you the n95, a phone which does absolutely everything. EVEYRTHIG.

and you all complain.

to show the scale of this, no other manufacturer has produced a handset with so many features

  • Ross

I thing you are the best in the phone industry,because you have everything one needs when using a phone.but i will plead with you people to do something about the strength of your battery.Thank you.

  • PAtrick

And another thing Nokia's N95 sucks. It has been voted the worst phone ever by all my colleages and we work in a phone store. 8 out of ten came back faulty.

  • Patrick

Why are there always people who complain about phones that aren't even evailable yet. The only thing you can do is look at the specs. And be honest the specs aren't bad. The phone's main feature is a 8 Mp camera so why are you complaining about other useless stuff. The lack of other features only make sure that it's main feature works perfecly. Like always

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson is seriously becoming a Motorola when it comes to handset design. The distinctive SE design has become stale in my opinion. One bright light is the rumored PSP-like gaming phone. If SE can make it work, may be able to keep their illustrious place in the cellphone industry.

  • Dani

The Video is VGA@30-FPS

it says it all on other reviews and websites

but GSMarena has put QVGA@30fps


  • Nidal

There is no reason a phone needs to have 8m camera because 5 is plenty for what u do daily. Plus it is a copy of the Nokia N95, almost same body style. They could of came with a better plane for that.

  • Annoymous

daniel, 03 Jul 2008how good is the speaker quality?? i cant see any speakers on the... moreThe speaker is at the bottom of the phone

  • daniel

how good is the speaker quality?? i cant see any speakers on the phone other then the ear piece. speaker phone is a must and good quality too

  • Anonymous

Why not 20MP?
The screen should be at least as big as laptop

  • Andy Burgin

Sony Ericsson is now learning from its mistakes not producing quality mobiles in Europe as i have just read on there are in deep trouble as the sales an interest rates have dropped below there target,they have tried to impress in Hong Kong or Chinese market instead which was a very big mistake an they are hoping the C905 or the other new announce the touch screen mobile will big the rates back up,but with the N96 an others on the way the C905 better be a Top Quality mobile or they will be big trouble an they better realise you do not buy a mobile just because of the camera on it,it the ease of use an relibity

  • me

shadowed_angst, 03 Jul 2008You can qualify the N95 as a computer depending on what definiti... more@shadowed_angst

you are waffling too much..

Ordinary people like (us) know what i mean... if you or nokia says computer it means COMPUTER - nothing else

its the ordinary people level of knowledge..

Us (normal people), do not go and say "right, nokia n95 is a computer because it calculates, so technically....bla bla bla"

tthe truth is we are led to believe in ssomething that isnt what we expect.

if samsung says slimmest slider at least theres truth in it.

if sony ericsson says ilove capturing life at least its not a lie

if moto says hello moto at least its no lie...

got it?

  • blank

what S.E phones have a 16M color display?