Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

Allan, 22 Jun 2008@Anonymous. 2gb is a lot you say. Not when you put maps on a pho... moreRead gsmarena's first look. Stupid!

  • Grover

No vga video recording at 30 fps.
Bit confused I thought this was a top of the line camera phone.

  • Allan

@Anonymous. 2gb is a lot you say. Not when you put maps on a phone. The maps for north america on my phone are 1.5 gb's.

@other anonymous. Exquisite design and fine materials you say of the c905.

How would you know when the phone hasn't even been released yet.

What do you think, it's made of steel. LOL.

How do you know how many gb's it hold's.

This phone hasn't even been released yet, or maybe it will get cancelled like the p5 and the g702!

Anyways the omnia will kill this phone!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008nick, tis fon supposely can do video at qvga resolution, fyi, q... morewell...if your so disapointed about the qvga..dont let that 5mp's get you down too much ok?..cheer up

  • Anonymous

tis fon supposely can do video at qvga resolution, fyi, qvga = 320x240. which in fact for such a cutting edge fon, is a real disappointment. bcos u see, nokia long ago on some mid range fon can already did vga video which is at 640x480.

  • Anonymous

nick, 22 Jun 2008this phone is capable of shooting photos with 8,100,000 pixels w... moreyes bro a 'camera phone'...8.1mp
think your after a video recorder right?...??

  • nick

this phone is capable of shooting photos with 8,100,000 pixels within them

yet cannot make a video about 320x240.

this is supposed to be a cameraphone!

  • Anonymous

Shayn, 22 Jun 2008SE and Nokia they all say 2GB Max etc. Coz they want you to buy ... moreactually shayn..go search through those n82/n95/n96 threads...come back when u find something posted by me ok???..dont worry bro i aint that petty...unlike some right?

as i said if you so happy with your n82..what u doin here bro?
its funny cas u say your happy with ya phone but your novel size comments on se threads say otherwise.

BTW, i own a samsung and wouldnt buy either the c905/n82/n96 etc..for that reason, they are to big in my opinion..but at least this phone looks half decent.

Now once off son.peace.

  • kyzzle

the onl thing the n95 has over the c905 is it has infa red and its a smart phone. who really needs a smart phone who not a business person. thats what computers are for. the n95 is start to be out dated. the omnia and x1 are better smartphones

  • Shayn

lee, 22 Jun 2008will someone please tell me wot all the fuss bout memory is the ... moreSE and Nokia they all say 2GB Max etc. Coz they want you to buy the memory card from SE or Nokia direct. Nokia and SE dont make higher cards for eg 8GB, 16GB, 32GB so they just say 2GB.

For SE in M2 Card = these will support 8GB. P1i supported 8GB and K850i so i dont see why C905 wont work with 8GB.

For Nokia MicroSD = N95 supports 8GB with abit of a firmware update so does N76. N82 supports 32GB straight out of the box n no updates needed.

Remember if buying a card eg from San Disk always check there specs on how much memory ur device can support coz they make the cards and they test it on the devices.

  • lee

will someone please tell me wot all the fuss bout memory is the phone comes with a 2gb memory card in the box this doesnt mean it can only take a 2gb card! When n95-1 came out that came with a 1gb card but u can purchase a 8gb card same with k850i with o2 comes with 512 m card but they now giving 8gb card with same phone so if u r gonna slate this great phone please do it with something genuine!

  • Anonymous

im finkin buyin diz fone on ma bday den i change ma mind im finkin buyin n82 on ma bday glad n82 best fone out dere

  • Anonymous

diz fone is gd but nt all n82 is best fone in the world

  • d0sk3y

dude, the reply is simple: the n95 is Symbian. What don't you people get? some people really like smartphones, and some of them can really use them... jesus

  • Anonymous

Again, its been proven!

It only takes one Sony Ericsson phone to make nokia fanatic freaks out!

This is great! LOL!

  • Shayn

@ Anonymous

"whats the p5/g702 got to do with this phone bro???..please explain?"
making my point to earlier post that C905 uses old hardware n no wonder sony decided to cancel making P5/g702 coz of old hardware.

" u role with that one ok brother..come back when u get close to filling that up cool?.."
Look at the C905 n n82 dey both do 30fps, and therfore those who are into recording vidoes at 30fps, storing music albums, SAT NAV MAPS eg TOMTOM (dese files are like nearly 1GB). u require big memory space also da c905 is 8mp n therefore u require more space coz sony dont use JPEG Compression compared to Nokia. Nokia use more compresson in JPEG. Think before you say something coz those who use phones like this will know 32GB is the future especially if you got a phone that got Music Player, SAT NAV, 5/8MP Camera with DVD Recording. Plus for n82 need space for installing applications, games, themes.

"if your so happy with your n82(aka..sardine tin)..wait..tin..sorry my bad..plastic right?, what you doing here on a SE thread???"
putting my point across to those who are saying this n that. btw c905 desing is like n95 big and bulky to but im sure you've been on N95 thread saying its big, bulky well thats come to round to you now hasn't it lol... what comes around goes around...
well plastic is good i dont want metal so den my phone ends up being heavy like a brick. N82 is lighter dan C905. so enjoy lol...

  • Anonymous

c905 vs n82 ??? c905 is the winner all the way.

  • Anonymous

im hopin da nokia wud release new fone wid 8mp camera n vga video like diz c905

  • Anonymous

nokia may have the best spec'd phones on the market right now..but damb..their design team leaves alot to be desired.

for real!...

  • seif

i like you sony you always makes me fell HI