Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • nick

no the n95 should be number 1.

came out 2 years ago and still has more features than this phone

  • Gerard

This should be #1 not the n95!

  • Anonymous

And come to think of it. Even stand alone digicams which all equipped with optical zoom and yet people still drool for one which has the highest pixel count and get it for whatever reason they may have.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008pexls in a phone are a trap, wake up! 5mpxl, 8mpxl and so o... moreBut i bet you'd still want those extra pixels!

  • eddie

Read gsmarena review, They likey. Please don't hate, appreciate. Good job gsmarena.

  • Anonymous

pexls in a phone are a trap, wake up! 5mpxl, 8mpxl and so on, what about optics, kenno?! dont be so exited about 8mpxl cause in this case it can produce worse pictures than 5mpxl, and im sure about it..

  • eddie

The copper gold sounds niiiiiiiice. I am so ancious for this phone. This is going to be a good one.

  • eddie

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008Know what're actually right. Same goes with re... moreThank you, perfect examples. I know, because I was a victim of N95-1. I live in the states. Then they decide to come out with the North american version, then 8 gig, then N82. Music editions, black editions, we need you're money editions. lol. I feel SE creates an all around phone for everyone because they care. The C905 a perfect example, K850i, etc. Thanx, eddie

  • Saad

For all those nokia fans out there no offense but its useless to say n82,n95 and n96 are better than the c905. Gsmarena themselves have quoted "some of you are probably going to so hate us for saying this but… the C905 actually looks nice. Some high-quality materials have been used for creating its overweight body and it's crafted flawlessly. We knew we like it as soon as we laid our eyes on it for the first time"
Ok now it doesnt matter to anyone if u guys keep on saying that nokia n series is better than the c905 etc because you guys are gonna say that fpr ur self satisfaction and ur never gonna appreciate anything good from se but the fact is that the experts have rated it a flawless fone and that describes it all...

  • whatever

The features of this phone is great bt its too thick. The best part ofit is its camera, cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fdsfgdsf

soroush, 21 Jun 2008I thinks u should wait for new nokia N series;)yeh im w8in 4 new nokia fone wid 8mp or 9mp camera fone im sure it been soon maybe end of diz year

  • meni

woww nice design and nice features.

  • Anonymous

eddie, 22 Jun 2008This is a SE sight, read the posting rules. SE takes a lit... moreKnow what're actually right.
Same goes with repackaging a particular handset making them believe that it was dif'rent. Perfect example was N70 & N73 classic which launched again as music edition(duh!) and N80 to internet edition. Where in fact there's no difference after all. Nokia's been sucking up their money with the same handset! LOL
Nokia's been fooling costumers all these time. LOL!

  • eddie

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2008Whoops! The design is quite similar to N95. Nokias are fash... moreThis is a SE sight, read the posting rules. SE takes a little while but makes a masterpiece, 1 phone 1 time the right way. Unlike some other companys, 5 versions before they get it right and suck up everyones money. Thanx, eddie

  • Anonymous

N95's rival. Fashionistas here's another version.

  • Anonymous

Whoops! The design is quite similar to N95. Nokias are fashion models.

  • loverSE

last year i bought LG VIEWTY KU990. One main concern is tat e BATTERY LIFE IS SHORT, i mean REALLY SHORT. overall picture taking is Good. then come out SAMSUNG i900 Omnia, big screen, cool,But due to past experience of LG so call BIG screen but POOR BATTERY LIFE. i drop off e plan of buying Samsung i900 Omnia..

Then SE come out C902, with 5mp and e design is cool. Do a compare e NOKIA, SORRY NOKIA FANS, i wont even wat to waste e time on nokia, in my list Nokia is History......

Not long after came e C905.. YA.. I WILL WAIT FOR THIS PHONE... IS worth waiting, as i travel a lot, need to take good pictures. i dont like to carry digital cam with me, vy bulky le. So tis phone can replace e other camera phone lor.. Design is COOOOL.. TALK TIME IS 9HRS, already C905 win e LG VIEWTY KU990 lor..

  • c905

Nokia must learn from SE. Nokia phones (esp N-Series) are getting boring for the past years. The interface, design etc. SE on the other hand is getting the point. Features + Design, they got it at the same time. Can't wait for Q4 release of C905.^_^

  • eddie

can't wait, this phone looks great.

  • Anonymous

not only nokia phones are ugly, they're practically look the same. LOL