Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • jameski

design sucks and d display is too small..8MP in a 2.4" screen?

and why cant SE get rid of that STUPID POP-PORT connector?it ruins the design of the's time for 3.5mm jack & micro-USB socket!!!!

that proprietary connector which SE has been using for almost 10yrs should be abolished!!!!time for standard sockets!wake-up SE!!!!!!!

  • Pat

Fadi, an imitation of N95? WHAT? 8MP dude, and streets ahead in the attractive stakes. N95 is just vomit. Sony-Ericsson is creature amazing, and this phone is the best thing ever made by man.

  • JA

When you say it is a copy of the N95/N96, think again. Is it symbian? Does the auto rotate works when taking pictures (well, mine does not). Does it have xenon flash or a 8MP camera? But when the G800 by Samsung was out, the pictures made the phone look small but it isn't. Is this going to be that big?

  • 4r1e

SE... why only QVGA?? It's a VGA or WVGA era....

  • Richard

Fadi, 17 Jun 2008An immitation of Nokia N95. Come on Ericsson, you can do better ... moredude this style is even better than n95! i mean its 8 mp better look and smaller. and it has wifi!

  • Hiro

The design somehow doesn't really impressive. It doesnt look very smooth n solid despite the excellent features it has.

  • Anonymous

Stand-by Up to 380 h
Talk time Up to 9 h

The battery last long! I want to know if the video recording will be in VGA 30Fps or more??

  • rigor_mortiz

SE has just raised the bar for camera phones won't be long before the others start trying to catch up....

  • eaten

Go for it sony Ericsson..dont give a damm to what nokia user say.Since they are using shi* mobile phone how they can recognise good one.Nice Phone go Sony Ericsson Go

  • rigor_mortiz

is this true? an 8 megapix cybershot? not even the coming N96 is like this.....

  • Kevin

alrite... the conclusion is if compare C905 with N82, the N82 win its color with 16 million... other features are so close to N82. C905 just have an extra feature called A-GPS... dunno wat is tat.
Hopefully its image and video quality is surprise all Nokia fans. And hope for its price is reasonable.

Sample pic:­c905-full-size-camera-samples/

  • Lord of specs!

It is just another DUMMY phone with the good camera it seems!? If course you should know that 8 mpx means nothing!? Pumping megapixels just like that while the sensor and optic size and quality remains the same has terrible effect on photo quality.

  • Fair Enough

The C905 will be on my list. I have the K800 and the N958GB as well as the iPhone. As far as phones go, the C905 has my interest and will definately replace my K800. As far as an all around phone the N95 is great for me but the camera is not that good as some praise. The video is great on the 8gb and the pics are faster to take since i upgraded the firmware to 20.016orwhateveritis. I am one of those nuts that actually uses settings when i take pictures and don't leave it on auto so i can understand when some say that you can get pics of equal quality between the K800 and N95 considering the cybershot menu is GREAT. is a site i made a couple years ago with K800 pics and my N95 pics aren't THAT much better. I am drooling at the chance to see what I can do with 8.1 of cybershot technology instead of that 3.2 i used making that small blog.

  • leko

great camera!!!

  • BruceBanner

this phone kills the n95.......even the n95 8gb. that phone feels and is such a cheap ass phone.

  • Dani

Every has their own Liking
everybody has their own taste
every body has their own needs

so dont take any so called 'Fanboys' word for it or notice..most of them just try to put the brand down which doesnt help..

  • Anonymous

This phone comes too late on the market.
I hope the software is not as crappy as the one on N95. But nevertheless nice gadget!!

  • Wonderkid

The Nokia bashing here is silly. I have owned both SE and Nokia and my N95 8G is metal and feels very well made. It may not survive dropping as well as an SE, but it is a smart phone - so needs to be treated like any other complex device. In addition, the 3.5mm jack, USB port and other standard connectors on the body are something I think SE are neglecting - including on the otherwise lovely C905. C905 seems like an N95 with style as I admit, the N95 series are not pretty, even if functional. Oh, and the N95 8G is very fast. The longest delay is firing up the media browser - but then it has to load 5MP images and DVD quality videos, so give it some slack.

  • Dani

The Truth is this..

All Sony Ericsson customers are HAPPY

while the Nokia Customers are SAD becuase Nokia is sh*t
N-Series phones are slow, built low plastic

Sony Ericsson's phones are
HIGH QUALITY, accessories can be used even from old phones, HIGH Quality Build Quality, EXCELLENT Multimedia!, Best Telephony..its a a Complete Mobile Phone
God Bless Sony Ericsson!!!!!! BEST EVER

  • Anonymous

nice... i wonder what the recording resolution and fps is...