Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Jamu

This phone cost only €150 :)

  • SE --> i-D.i-o.t-s

This isn't a phone's 10 x fake ....SE try to copy nokia , they copy samsung (remember the small samsung phone with 8MP).....they want to be the best but they aren't .....They are faker's ...I hate SE ....THE MOST imagination-less company ....I hate the ...beeach!!!

  • NRG

i can't wait for this phone to appear on the market so i can buy it. congrats sony ericsson, keep up the good work. sony ericsson is the best. NOT NOKIA.

  • sayem

@ Dave;
[Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate which N95 doesnt't have]
You r wrong.N95 8gb have Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate.

  • daniel marciano

This is bad copy the N95 (symbian OS9.2,biger screen,3,5mm jack,double slider,music touch,stereo music,accept memory card biger to 2gb,)

  • Dummy SE

It is just another DUMMY phone with the good camera it seems!? If course you should know that 8 mpx means nothing!? Pumping megapixels just like that while the sensor and optic size and quality remains the same has terrible effect on photo quality.

  • sayem

hmmm,Seems like its gonna replace nokia n95

  • Ryan

OS? I can only hope its windows mobile although very unlikely. Also its limited by its 2gb memory stick. I have a w810i that i've had for over a year and it says it only accepts up to 1gb on a stick but it stores memory on my 2gb stick but with problems playing all songs when on 'shuffle' in the walkman feature. Anyone know or predict whether this will be the same?

  • Anonymous

I prefer to have a good 5MP rather than 8MP, the more MP you have the more memory you need... I will not buy this phone for this reason!

  • Chamon

Aamir569, 17 Jun 2008Its a gr8 move from SE, but it still struggles to compete with t... moreThis is not a Smartphone, is a camera phone. There is no mention of SE to do Smartphones, because they know they can't compete with HTC. That's the true. And Nokia? Just Su***


@ Dave;

Dream on Boy this will NEVER be a product of "NOKIA" and you forgot to mention the other good news of this phone like 8 Megapixels which N95 doesn't have, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate which N95 doesnt't have, Xenon Flash which N95 doesn't have,

  • hamid

SONY ERICSSON c905 ... a tough competetor to all nokia mobiles in case of camera features.....8 mp camera with xenon flash....indicates an upcoming mobile revolution..this will give tough competition to an upcoming NOKIA 6220 classic....

  • Anonymous

this phone is nothing like the nokia n95,it doesn't have half the software problems and looks nothing like the n95 plus the camera is beyond what nokia could dream of

  • Anonymous

wtf, it doesnt even have any decent SO

  • blah

seriously tho, wuts the point of having so many mp in a CELLPHONE, if you are not going to print them out...3.2 is simply enough. Get a real digital cam if you r going to shoot photos professionaly like a 10mp for like 200-300$

  • dave

the good:
vga 30 fps
face detection
scratch proof

the bad:
no 3.5mm jack
m2 memory stick
hard keypad
small screen
256 colors only
unable to play videos with high resolution
not nokia

  • sameer

lol dani u going gaga over this phone just because its a SE u always say nokia can make only buisness phone like multimedia phones look what SE has done they just copy n95 design, n95 8gb still beats this baby anyday expect in camera,no vga recording,no3.5 mm audio jack and no 16 million color display ya it matters to us, no voip over wlan in wifi and lol most importantly no operating system damn they should have made it in uiq operating system,small ram,small disply and huh it will cost a bomb in mine country k850 is pricer than n82 and that cheap w960 which got neither edge and hsdpa support and crappy video recordind priced higher than n95 8 gb lol SE r very overprizedddddddddddd and less in features, but mine nokia 6233 rulesssssssssss

  • cinta

wow!! an amazing gadget from SE, but, i still wait until Se produce it with bar type.

  • Vaio

Cammera part of this phone is good but other features are crap megapixel count doesn't mean great camera i hope this time CMOS sensor bigger if it is small than only thing u will get is NOISE also 8MP is enough to beat N95 they should more features like wi-fi, 3.5mm jack, 3" atleast WQVGA, better video etc than sure it will achieve great sales

  • Grieva

why is there always fanboy comments, grow up people, its a mobile phone, if you dont like it, then say that you dont like it and leave it at that, dont compare it to a N95,why, just because it slides? how is it a copy it only slides up, not two ways and it has a 8MP camera not, no carl zeiss, and for those who say its about optics, i agree totally, but i trust sony optics, becaused they make cameras, my k850i vs my n95 has shown the differences are so minimal,only colour definition seems to differ, however the video quality of n95 is better. i look forward to this phone coming out!