Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • eddie

Can't wait, looks great.

  • Anonymous

This is the best N95 (sorry... still not right....C905)

Awesome job, I like that its a copy....Gonna buy it to replace my trusted 95

  • Ornament

replacement!! w00t

  • Nat

Sony Ericsson may have 8mp now, but the quality and flash are still not as good as Nokia. 8mp dont make quality better... just HUGE pictures. people are so easily fooled. i love sony ericsson phones, but for camera... it's got to be Nokia.

nokia OWNS.

  • Winura

Looks cool but its disappointing samsung didn't put the 16.7 million color display in it. Almost all new nokia models comes with 16.7 million color display.

  • Jacques (south afric

Does the C905 have stereo speakers, i like sound and loud ringing because i still have the k800 whitch is fantastic but sound quality is low. Can you advise me only on SE phones

  • ALEX

Fadi, 17 Jun 2008An immitation of Nokia N95. Come on Ericsson, you can do better ... morenothing like the n95 you nonce!

i love sony ericssons and yet again they seem to have produced a phone with an awesome camera thats still looks like its gonna be good at everything else that a phone should be good at!


  • lolo_da_king

maaaann.......I saw the pictures on the news article previous to the phone....maaaaan those pictures SUCK. 8 mp....I ask the people who work at SE:what is the use of 8 mp if the quality sucks? in my opinion the number of megapixels dosen`t really mather,the quality is the most important thing.


SonyEricsson's Lover, 17 Jun 2008WooOooW ... that what i want from SONY ,, Now , No more for NOKI... morei love it too

  • janarthanan

one of the best i have seen

  • Anonymous

SE --> i-D.i-o.t-s, 17 Jun 2008This isn't a phone's 10 x fake ....SE try to copy nokia ... moreSo... any phone with 8mp is a copy? So as any 5mp phone is a copy of one phone? Also the 3.2mp? 2m? vga? Grow-up.

  • Fan

This is not a phone it is an animal :D

  • SonyEricsson's Lover

WooOooW ... that what i want from SONY ,, Now , No more for NOKIA ,,, I Love it !!!

  • Sirop

Imitation of the N95??? LMAO!!! Where have you found N95 with 8mp??

  • tara

8 megapixels!?


i bet this will cost a lot of money.

  • Cooliq

wow 8 megapixel too sad that it has no 3,5mm output :( . gj sonyer.

  • Ben Rowe

sony ericsson is the best mobile phone

  • bega4a

Ericsson kill with this phone Nokia

Sony Ericsson the brand


  • gio


8 MP

thanks sony

  • Waseng

Just one Word.... AMAZING..!!!!