Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • C905Rox

Has anyone had problem with the top layer of the keypad peeling off?

  • Al chandran

this fone{nokia 5800} is really gud. i mean toooo gud. the touch is mind blowing. not 2 mention the amazing touching games nd motion game. i luv this fone because i hav it for 6yrs. the radio is kool. i am kool like my cell. cell i luv u. any suggedtions email me at thank you. TC Hf=)

  • Anonymous

and how is the slide?? is it good? iam afraid of slide too.

  • Anonymous

is ebuddy good in it?????? plz reply me
i want to buy this phone ,it is important to me to chat on it plz reply

  • C905 owner

yeah u can open ebuddy on it^^ its gr8 in enternet exporing beside its huge cam.....

  • ChrisB

akouma, 27 Aug 2009Would you check when your cell is made in the back of your batte... moreC905s after 08w45 can still get faulty earpiece as I had It 6weeks ago n my c905 is 08w50

  • akouma

23B, 27 Aug 2009i have 3 month with my c905 and the third day a had it the ear p... moreWould you check when your cell is made in the back of your battery ( example 8w45) because it seem dead cellphone made before 8w45 ( 2008 45th week had ear piece problem).

  • Anonymous

it has hscsd.

  • 23B

i have 3 month with my c905 and the third day a had it the ear peace didnt work so i did a master reset and no more problems so im ok with it and te camera is perfect since i have de k850 by the way it fucW$% sucks by the BROD (Blue ring of death) had that problem every 4 months... ooops forgot about de 905... ok so its a good phone only that the speaker is to low comparring with de 850 but its ok... o yeah one more thing the more things the cell phone has the more problems ull have just compare it to and old cellphone that has no camera and only sends msj and makes calls does suckers last for years and if they fall nothing happends because the sistem they use is simple and the newones R complicated and delicut... sorry 4 my bad english

  • Anonymous

can we open ebuddy messenger on it??

  • vijay monte cruz

deeeeeeeeeeee best phone.......


This Phone Rocks
It's really a great phone
After using Nokia N86 and Samsung INNOV8
I advice the C905. It's really better than All.

  • Anonymous

ive had the c905 for about 10months now...and all the rubbish u heard from other people are pure nonsense...all those problems happen because u people dont know how to take care of ur takes picture perfect photos, awesome sound quality , stylish , and everything...this is a great phone...handle ur phone with care and u will know how good of a phone it is....dont know how to use it? go and see the manual book....and also my 2 bro's were so impressed on how the phone worked they themself bought their on c905..

  • jay

to the comment about cancelling your o2 contract telling you now what ever you do dont switch to 3 its the worst nightmare of a network ever well maybe better in the uk but its really no good at all in Ireland

  • Direwolf_65

Adam, 25 Aug 2009I was about to buy it then I realized here in the US AT&T has it... moreAre you SURE??????
this is from a post from the AT&T boards, and this is what one person said about the phone, "I bought this phone because I've wanted one since I heard of its inception (as the Shiho). I've very glad that at&t picked it up. Alittle Wanton ;) but the gps and the wi-fi are worth it, not to mention the camera!"
The phone also gets 5 stars there.

  • PurpleTarha

i have my c905 since march, just this april, i woke up and the navigation button broke. then i searched the net, i found that i'm not the only one, some got their speakers broken, some also their keypad,etc... the camera is really nice but it would've been better if they made it for quality. i'm a sony lover but unless you're just wasting ur money i advice you to think 10x before buying. i had my w900i before it lasted for 4 years until someone snatched it from my pocket..but it's better than this when it comes to quality and it's cheaper but i think it's a limited edition phone so it's already not in the market. back to the c905, i sent it to the service center but it was worse, before the problem was just the down nav button won't work, when i open anything then press down, the apps or whatever closes, now the left nav button also broke when i press it before, it brings me to write message, now when i press it it says: "continue playback through speakers?". how frustrating, when i read about this phone in the internet it seemed like it's the best sony phone... but in real life it's the total opposite. so disappointing.

  • reem

Direwolf_65, 25 Aug 2009Well, which one would you feel better getting? Which one would g... more
I will go by ur advice which one should I go for

  • Adam

I was about to buy it then I realized here in the US AT&T has it and they REMOVED the WIFI from it. Now you HAVE TO BUY DATA plan no matter what. I find this unethical and disgusting business practice, something Verizon did/do. Then I left verizon but now there is nothing else here in the "land of technology" :))))))

  • REEM

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2009Great phone, simply outstanding. I'm a professional photographer... moreThank so much for advice i will see n let u know for surewhether i am going for it or no

  • Direwolf_65

Reem, 24 Aug 2009Hi, i went to the the showroom today ,i asked them in detail abo... moreWell, which one would you feel better getting? Which one would give you the least worrys?