Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • N

i think its really good phonr and would reconmend anyone to buy it if. as the 8mp camera is amazing and all the other features make it live up to its name

  • 13rad

This is for the owners of the phone. I own a K850i..the 5mp 2nd of the series of these cyber shots. Before this I owned the K790a*3.2mp* I know my way around the SE cybershots. My question is in regards to the flash on the can not take a picture up close with it on because it will destroy it with brightness...the xenon flash is on this phone as well...can someone tell me the success rate of taking more or less person shots from fairly close with the flash...if it ruins the picture? This was a big deal for me the only thing I have to say bad about the K850i to be exact.


  • Anonymous

worst phone ever, i've had battery problems, software problems, and now i have speaker problems, after buying the c905 i will never buy a sony ericssson again.

  • Anonymous

A complete muggs phone

  • ChrisB

abeer, 13 Jul 2009kindly inform me if the backage included TV out cable or not??no it doesn't

  • KRK

this is the best phone great !!!!

  • abeer

kindly inform me if the backage included TV out cable or not??

  • milkyway

i jUSt bOuGHt mY c905 foR abOut onE WeEk..tHE feAtuRes aRe ALL suPerb!tHE onLy thINg tHAt i reGRET iS..thE 3g usaGe..i DUnt eVEn nOTiceD daT tHIS foN caN oNLy uSe iTs maIn caMerA whEn maKIng a vidEo caLL..buT iTs OK foR me..aS mY boYFrIend preFER to uSe webCAm inSteAD oF 3g caLLs..

  • ChrisB

once the earpiece situation has happened, and then got fixed, will the earpiece brake again or any other problems arise??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2009i have had this phone 4 months now.. i have had one exchange don... moreI have had software issues but I updated it online, best phone I have had. Camera is amazing

  • Toto

U only get faults with miss use usually u kids shouldn't have such tech most things don't last when ya let kids use em

  • Anonymous

this is my 1st sony ericsson & i find the phone easy to use with excellent features and the 8.1 mp camera has no rival an excellent all round phone

  • Land of my father

Bought Sony Ericcson c905 cos the camera is AWESOME. I thought i'd finally got a camera phone worth hanging on to. It does every thing I could want for years and years, oh and it has (sorry had!) voice sat nav too. I had an ericcson before and was reluctant to buy another due to it hanging/slowing etc. But this cyber shot camphone really knocked spots off every other with its super FAST ccd in low light. Its just a shame the phone is a Banger! mine went dead after 3 weeks. Now phones 4u wont give me another because I understand that they dont want the hastle with these things. I'm now stuck with the option of taking a phone with a poor camera while i'm stuck with this broken phone and a 24 month contract!
phones 4u!!??? phones 4FU more like!!!

  • munna

guys, ple tell me can i use it for skype?

  • Anonymous

I've got a question for those that already own the C905. When entering type, can you use the volume rocker to skip immediately to the second or third character on the key? i.e. holding the up on the volume rocker and pressing 3 to get an 'E' and so on and so forth. This feature is available on my K750 and I wanted to know if I'll have to adjust my typing method.

  • Anonymous

worst phone i ever had. it worked 2 weeks for me then speaker dead and after 2 days screen dead. better spend donate money to charity rather buying this phone.

  • salvaje

I just bought my SEc905 2 days ago. So far I dont have any complaints about it. I just love Sony ericson mobiles. Before I got my C905 I have a SE Z610i for three years now and unitl now that phone is still in good shape. But decided to upgrade to a new one so I bought this phone and Im loving it!

  • prishen

hi there all, this phone is just great, i previously had a k800i, but the c905 is just way superior, even camera and video quality. everyone who has a c905, go do an update via the pc, this software update is just amazing.

  • Teo

If you want to take videos with this phone..dont buy it. Get a N95 8GB instead.

  • Anonymous

Once You have owned a Sony E you will find other phones seem to be a bit drag.
S E simply the best