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Sony Ericsson C905

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  • secondary camera

CocoCrunch, 14 May 2009for a phone that good but without a front camera for 3G is ... moreThe C905 has got a secondary camera for 3G calls. The specs above are not correct. If you look at the photos of this handset the camera is clearly visible at the top of the handset just above the word Sony, small black circle.

  • Kamlesh

Any way dear friends, First u choose wht type of phone u want, music or camera.? i m using c902 and i m very happy, cas 5mp cam is best for c902 and great pic quality, now days i m thinking for c905 8mp cam,b'cas i want all function,facility in one gedget,so c905 have wi-fi,high quality 8.1mp cam,main is xenon flash but not in w995,c905 good personality,nice sound quality, and repairs problem i dont get yet any sony ericsson phone b'cas i care my phone and never give my phone to anybody who dont knw the how to use mobile phone, this is my opinion and u have to choose ur right gadget...

  • kamlesh

omar, 10 May 2009hi guys any one help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i tryin... moreThis is not such a big matter, just go to certify sony service centre and give it, i think they will flash ur phone,if u have warrenty thn dont worry, if u do not have warrenty thn also dont worry b'cas flashing charges is very cheap i think it will charge around 600(inr) but before visiting service centre u can try it at ur home by using sony software update manager available at

  • Kamlesh

ela, 11 May 2009i like camera phone..want 2 buy it....C905 or C902Take c902 its an budget phone, and good 5mp autofocus, nice clarity phone,i have and i m very happy to have c902(red) its coming around 21000(inr) if u wish to buy highbudget like around 30000(inr) thn take c905

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson phones suck! They're like from the 20th century

They have no internal memory (and they don't even give you much on memory card), no 3.5mm jack, no separate USB port (everything goes through the charger), cameras are bad, GPS doesn't work, most of them are dummy, no FM transmitter... Sure there are exceptions like Xperia (which, accidently, wasn't made by Sony Ericsson but HTC), but even Xperia is nothing special

Wake up Sony Ericsson, you are OBSOLETE!

  • CocoCrunch

for a phone that good but without a front camera for 3G is really stupid... wad are sony thinking...

  • g57

joel, 13 May 2009 After reading so many reviews on here dis is my conclusion... moreupdating the software does'nt improve the phone problem..i think u should learn more b4 leave ur opinion.

  • g57

tis is really a worst always problem with "ribbon",keypad,and speaker.i had it b4,but i throw away cos it problem almost every month since i buy.

  • -_-

Actually a phone is suppose to work on the get go mine with all its multiple problem I seem to have updated it software again and again. I am not asking too much just to make a decent phone call or SMS without keypad, speakers, screen and volume problem.

  • pricey

with the software up date all you need 2 do it go on the sony ericsson website and down load it.
also with the battery if u keep the 3G on all the time it will the battery wont last so try to keep it on the 2G until you need the 3G part of the phone.
if u dont no how to take the 3G off go into settings, connectivity, mobile networks, gsm/3G networks and choose gsm only

  • Anonymous

Dave, 13 May 2009Has anyone had problems with battery life.... mine does not... moreyour battery might not be lastin that long due to having the 3g on all the time if you take it off it will last longer

  • Anonymous

great phone, great features and its so good that when i had the chance to pick up another for a great price, i did.
software issues can be fixed with the system update sony offers online. pretty much any issue you have can be addressed thru the web thru sony. they offer great support for thier customers.

  • Dave

Has anyone had problems with battery life.... mine does not seem to last very long with standard use.
Fully charged it last about 12hrs?????

  • joel

After reading so many reviews on here dis is my conclusion does nebody know about how to update the damn software damn all i here is complaints and moanin like lil girls wen ur fone aint working update da software if it hangs update da software cos wen u send it off for repair all they do is update the software do u peeps get da gist update da damn software chances r da fone been sitting in da box 6 month before you bought it so do dat and start bashing sony E's

  • kiren

i reallllllllly like ittttttttt! ooohhh yeaaaah

  • Paul Chaftary

Yeah you are right!
nokia uses this strategy to destroy their opponent since the creation of internet!
Everybody knows that a C905 build week 45 2008 and + doesn't have speaker problem

  • Terminator

It seems many users here are just nokia spies

  • Francesco Chiaramont

The C905 is the best mobile phone i have ever had.
The camera is so good that i no longer use my digital compact, also the picture edit software on the mobile is very good.

The sound is clear the bass is good.
The photo tagging feature is a nice way of using the GPS.

it comes in a range of 3 colours.

All in all a suoer mobile.

  • TravelKid

:D, 05 May 2009this phone is definetely not the choice. It went crazy afte... moreGood for you. Mine only lasted only 7 days before it needed to be hospitalised. I read in quite a few forums that the C905 is not that reliable.

  • TravelKid

Blake Scizor, 11 May 2009hi there well about my comment ermmm..I don't know which i ... moreWell I supposed it depends on what you are after. If you like music, then go for the Walkman phones. If you like taking photos like me, then go for the Cybershot phones.