Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • TravelKid

I bought my C905 on 29 Apr 2009 and needed to be send back for repairs a week later. What a big disappointment after reading all the great reviews. First the phone hung. I was advised by the Sony helpdesk to perform a master reset. After that, it failed to find a network. That's when it needed to be hospitalised. Even during that short 1 week of testing and playing with the features, one thing stood out like a sore thumb. This phone eats up the battery real quick. If you are a heavy user you'll be charging your phone in no time. Besides these big problems, the phone does have some pretty cool features such as taking very nice photos and giving good quality sound ; can compete with an iPod. So if you dont want to carry too many gadgets, this is probably the phone to get. In the meantime, I can only play with my friend's C905 while I wait for my phone to be repaired.

  • Anonymous

best fone eva made!!! but unfortunately i don't own 1, but who cares!!!

  • skel01

Teminator, 11 May 2009Dude! you are in Mexico? Take care of this damned virus. A... moreI got mine in March 09, and the fault is very much present.

as well as numeorus other faults with keypad, response time to commands, texting issues, contact issue and camera freezes.

  • Anonymous

omar, 10 May 2009hi guys any one help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i tryin... moreremove the battery and reset

  • Teminator

Dude! you are in Mexico? Take care of this damned virus.
Anyway John Connor thank you for your hospitality :)

The C905 speaker problem disapeared from built models after week 45 2008 I think,so of course C905 that you will buy right now will not have this problem as they should be 2009 built

  • Pablo Sig├╝enza

Ajmal, 08 May 2009Hey buddy is that american dollars coz i actually paid mine... moreAU $600 i guess it is MOre than Fine. I'd say rather cheap ;) That means you've just paid around US $400.

In Mexico it is around US$500 @ US $580

  • ela

i like camera phone..want 2 buy it....C905 or C902

  • Blake Scizor

hi there well about my comment ermmm..I don't know which i prefer C905 or W995 coz both of them soo cool!!!! and the features also COOL!!!! I hope I can both of it ehee..anyway anyone can tell me which one is good C905 or W995 difficult to choose both of it ehee...

  • julian

Does the key pad crack like that of w580 and s500? Does it also have YouTube application or YouTube service in Media Center like w705 and g705? Thanks.

  • skel01


I've posted a couple of warnings before, but thankfully this was be my last. Had the phone 8 weeks, and it's gracefully on it's way to Envirophone, hopefully to be permanently scrapped. Where it belongs.

First and last time I've changed from Samsung. Bring on the Tocco Ultra. Oh how nice it's going to be to HAVE A PHONE THAT WORKS

  • Anonymous

John Henry, 08 May 2009The C905 RIGHT NOW is a very good choice -Price is very at... moreErr, u mean wobbling?! I've never herd of wobbling being a fault - tho everyone just about says the earpiece and keys screw up

  • Anonymous

if you get this phone you will not be able to use it for a long time.. because you have to bring it back to sony ericsson for repairs.. same probs everytime.. o bought mine last nov.. i only enjoyed my phone till first week of feb.. i had to return it to sony.. the earpiece is not working and the keypads are crazy when you press the keys it executes a different function.. they fixed it and i claimed it after a month.. after month and fifteen days.. the same problems occured and till now its with sony.. i really regret buying this phone..

  • Nave

This phone seems to be good from the camera and pixel point of view.

  • Arak

i bought this phone 2 months ago and i can say its great with great features

buy this phone without any second thoughts

  • omar

hi guys
any one help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i trying to open a game in my c905 the phone said operation failed, so i turned it off,but when i trying to turn on the phone ,,,it don't turned on
and still offfffffff
plzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeeee

  • zeni

it really gud and awe some experience...
not nly havng a camera other features too as u prefer

  • Anonymous

John Henry, 08 May 2009It's American Dollars! I was ready to buy it today but man... moreThe C905 is a wonderful phone. you will just love it... The sound quality is great with another set of SE headphones... And yes there is no wobbling in the newer production unit... Cheerz.... And happy birthday

  • John Henry

It's American Dollars!
I was ready to buy it today but many people told me to wait for the w995,I was anyway gona buy it till the w995 comes out and be less expensive!
Help me choose! It's my birthday tomorrow

  • Anonymous

I like this phone so much when it comes to its features but this phone is too expensive and I'll wait for it to drop...he he he

  • Mobilemaster

I like this phone, the design is cool, the N86 UGLY!!! Sony Ericsson 4ever!!!