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  • AnonD-9382

Tbdm, 12 Sep 2011I already modified my cedar's acoustics using anshubham but i am... more@TBDM
yap dude...i also tried anshubhams acoustics but its loudspeaker performance is poor. Thats why i change it and again use sri acoustics. There are two Anshubhams acoustics..which one u tried? I tried 'anshubhams best acoustics ever'. Another one is 'anshubhams final acoustic' which i dnt try yet.

@adad can u please give ur link again?

  • AnonD-19086

Tbdm, 12 Sep 2011I already modified my cedar's acoustics using anshubham but i am... morethe actual acoustic driver today cant made cedar louder than ansubham,because the limitation software from SE it self,but you can try audiophile acoustic v5 for backspeaker(farfield file) and v7 for headset file(phf),it have more detail,clearer and more bassy sound quality in backspeaker also in headset too,the link download in previous page between page 4 until 10
It can made it louder in backspeaker but if too loud the sound of phone will be cracked

  • Tbdm

I already modified my cedar's acoustics using anshubham but i am not that contented.please suggest some loud and clear ones. Does anyone find anshubhams acoustics not loud too?

  • AnonD-9998

AnonD-19086, 12 Sep 2011i mean not the farfield of zylo but farfield on audiophile v5(wb... moreHmm
Thanks buddy. Corrected.

  • K

I have been using cedar since 3 months, here is my review:
-> Sound is low when using the earphones given with the piece, so better buy new ear-phones and i bought and the sound is louder now with the new ear phones and music is good with this phone
-> Battery back-up is low.
-> Videos are not displaying properly if we try to play with YouTube in this phone.
-> Internet is fast with this phone and also it is fast if we connect this to our PC and use it.
-> Key-pad is good.
-> Camera is also good eventhough it is 2MP.
-> It is very better phone at 4500 with 3G

  • amroos

now i am using cedar and very happy bcoz if u are using cedar u no need even a i pod we have everything in this mobile.......

  • AnonD-19086

hey,i shocked that i saw the daily interest growth to 10 percent,move away cedar,beat all in front of you

  • AnonD-19086

AnonD-8051, 12 Sep 2011@YB, thanks dude, and one more which is the best acoustics for l... morei mean not the farfield of zylo but farfield on audiophile v5(wbxml),i recommend use original csv backspeaker of zylo,the file name is vol_spk etc for better quality sound
you're wrong dude,please read it again,wbxml consist of many kinds file,such as headset phf file,farfield for backspeaker,i'm forget for earphone,and etc,csv not only for headset file,but for backspeaker are vol_csv an etc

  • AnonD-8051

AnonD-19086, 11 Sep 2011the sound quality is very good and had bass effect too,but if we... more@YB, thanks dude, and one more which is the best acoustics for loud speaker vol in your experience?

i have zylo original acoustics...r u suggesting this is the best acoustics for loud speaker volume? or any others....?

  • Tbdm

I tried to mod my cedar's acoustics but i am confused on what to do in the right side of the farmanger,i cant find the wbxml

  • AJ

Hey guys can anyone tell me about the procedure of changing the default font in Cedar and can u also provide me the original fonts of Cedar.

  • AnonD-9998

AnonD-8051, 12 Sep 2011dear YB is these wbxml files will affect the head phone vol/bass?No buddy.
.wbxml files are only for back speakers.
There is no such relation betwen wbxml and head phs.
.csv files only change those head ph stuffs.
For more details.,
read this.,­r-modding-a2-acoustics/

  • AnonD-8051

AnonD-9998, 12 Sep 2011Paste Farfield_play.wbxml, Farfiel_ring.wbxml, Farfield_call.wb... moredear YB
is these wbxml files will affect the head phone vol/bass?

  • AnonD-9998

Tbdm, 12 Sep 2011I've already downloaded anshubham's acoustics, what will i do no... morePaste
Farfield_play.wbxml, Farfiel_ring.wbxml, Farfield_call.wbxml and Farfield_rec.wbxml.
This is enough for speaker sound.

  • Tbdm

I've already downloaded anshubham's acoustics, what will i do now? Paste all of this content? Or only the wbxml files? Guide me.

  • sajeeb

how can i get back the in-built themes? Do u know amy website for those theme? The themds are greenheart, harp. Plz upload these theme if u have these. Upload this in plz.............................

  • Ansuman

Can i download video from youtube??... through cedar

  • AnonD-15670

AnonD-21738, 11 Sep 2011i download the cam driver from [ahref] moreextract the dat file and copy that using farmanager,dont paste the rar file as it is ..

  • naim

#PART SIX : But if its voltage increase,it make too much heat which is a fact.thow its not a PC so cooling fan is a joke for it .D43 joinly work with other smaller chips .you may know a microchip have few common portions .if all this portions used for one task ,it will give its maximum (Cedar use portions for many tasks ).but if portions are tuneable by OS ?It will give different output as its with some supporting IC it randomly access data which can't be conceived perfectly .Beside ...*PART 7 coming soon

  • AnonD-9382

AnonD-15670, 11 Sep 2011lol adad i uploaded to tpa>preset>system>desktop>fla... more1. If u do not use 3G or if 3G
service is not available in your
country thn turn it off.
g network> GSM only
2. Keep display brightness bellow
3. Turn Bluetooth off whenever it
is not necessary.
4. Turn Power Saver on in
go to Bluetooth>option>power
5. When you want to use instant
messenger application
(mig33,nimbuzz,ebuddy etc)..first
turn off vibration. Otherwise it will
vibrate all the time when new
msg come. and this will reduce
battery energy.
6. Charge you phone at least
2.5hr when your battery level is
below 20%