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Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • AlluAzad

thanks yb and zimkarlsa

today i applied a screen guard . I had to cut it bcz there is no custom made sguard for cedar .

And to nayo :p
what z poi ?

  • AnonD-19086

AnonD-9998, 24 Aug 2011B4 downloading farmanager., download GordansGate Flash driv... morepls yb or someone send me the link of yendo farfield,but dont send me a link who had given by kris pls give another link that can be download via phone,thx

  • AnonD-15922

Daisy, 24 Aug 2011Pls experts in d house, I downloaded far manager but upon c... morereply to DAISY-

When u use ur phone as ur modem, try to gracefully disconnect. That is first click the disconnect button on the sone ericcson pc companion. Then you can take off the data cable from usb port or turn off ur bluetooth. Then the problems wont occur. At times if you dont disconnect the pc companion doesnt respond n hangs.

  • AnonD-15922

AlluAzad, 23 Aug 2011hi guys, is there a software for downloading youtube video... morehey bro :) there are no softwares.. but u need not worry abt it... go to and u can download youtube videos on ur phone for free in mp4 or 3gp format.. also :)

  • AnonD-9998

AnonD-13154, 24 Aug 2011Are you using the right far manager? moreB4 downloading farmanager., download GordansGate Flash driver and instal it.
It takes me mor than a month to understand that., we must instal d flash driver to use farmanager.
Thanx Wreck buddy.
And who are all beginer to farmanager like me.,
pls read the tutorial fully.
Happy modding.

  • AnonD-13154

Daisy, 24 Aug 2011Pls experts in d house, I downloaded far manager but upon c... moreAre you using the right far manager? manager-jdflasher- sefp2.html

  • AnonD-13154

Today is the first anniversary of me carrying the curse. Nokia x2.
Enduring the burden every minute of using x2.
And exactly 6 months and 3 days of enjoying the magnificent, cedar.

  • AnonD-19086

Daisy, 24 Aug 2011Pls experts in d house, I downloaded far manager but upon c... morei just answer ur first question bcoz i never use my cedar to be a modem so i dont know the solution,if display the message error mention that you cant enter your filesystem phone bcoz ur phone cid81,just click ok in the message and you'll be enter your phone filesystem,and happy modding with cedar

  • Daisy

Pls experts in d house, I downloaded far manager but upon connection says: Error, CID 81 not supported. The far manager didn't work with my phone. Pls what is e solution. I downloaded d far manager from 4shared website. Also, if I use my cedar as a modem for my PC to browse, after disconnecting the phone, it will no be possible to make calls. Those calls just wouldn't go thru. Pls what should I do. Thanks for helping a friend.

  • AnonD-19086

here the link that show the yendo farfield link

  • AnonD-19086

AnonD-5477, 07 May 2011Try out this acoustic for louder ring and music playback an... morei edited i had found the link,but i can't downloaded it from that link to opmin,pls someone who had download the acoustic pls upload it in plunder or,thx

  • jay

Hai guys.. can anyone tell me how can we minimise a java application in this phone. Which key is used to minimise ? pls tell me ..its urgent

  • my

how can i put the .jar games i download in pc to my cedar??? nice phone but hard keypad just bought it yesterday... tnx

  • AnonD-9998

AlluAzad, 23 Aug 2011and also my cell didn't come with a screen guard . . Is... moreThere is no youtube downloader for java phs.
I searched more.
But go to
yu can download d yutube vids using tat website.

Screen gaurd is must.
Its not come with yur ph.
Yu shud apply it.
Otherwise., d original screen may get scratched.

  • AlluAzad

and also my cell didn't come with a screen guard . .

Is it not there by default ?

Should i apply a screen guard ?

  • AlluAzad

hi guys,
is there a software for downloading youtube videos in cedar . . . ?

  • retroo

Nikhil, 22 Aug 2011hey frnds, m gonna buy this phone... But, plz help me... ... moreits nice phone...with 3g...its superb for internet applications......

the ebuddy can b minimized and the phone supports .jar files..
the pc suite from sony now a days is simply sprb
i do process the same

  • AnonD-9382

AnonD-9998, 23 Aug 2011Wat does dat update wil do?after update will see a new option for clock size under display settings. menu "more of the same" in music player. can now minimize internet browser also.

just download the file from the link i gave. thn copy the customize_upgrade file to tpa/preset/custom by using farmanager. thats it

  • vichu

it wil suport ebuddy it can be minimized and oly jar file da machi.

  • AnonD-9998

As, 23 Aug 2011hey guys wreck,yb ...does installing the phone software or ... moreYa.
Surely it'll change to factory default dude.
When yu update, re instal yur software, or do master reset., then d changes made in yur acoustics wil get changed to default.