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Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • ThEoS1983

hi all can anyone inform me if i can chance the new event option? on my old sony ericsson i could chance the way either the way it is on here or to when i received a txt msg it would show the envelope stating who sent it not show the new event option when i receive the txt msg

  • AnonD-11932

can some1 give an update of sony ericsson cedar facebook application which include places feature...

  • AnonD-11998

Hi Wreck, Tanay and everybody - My Computer is not able to write anything to my Cedar's 8GB (Kingston Class 4) card when connected in File Transfer mode. However I can write to the card with the help of a card reader and Cedar can read the data (songs, basically) perfectly. When I was using the supplied 2GB card this problem didn't occur. Did any of you have had similar experience? Anything wrong with my handset? I would like to mention here that my computer recognises a 4GB M2 card inside my C510 without problems in File Transfer mode..

  • nitesh

hello friends
can any one plz tell me how to change sound drivers in cedar..

  • Anonymous

kaka bhanawali, 24 Jun 2011Cedar is a very very very bad phone. Gets damaged within 3 month... moreAre u out of ur mind??

  • varinder

cedar is much better then symbian
i have nokia n73 which is too slow as compared to cedar all symbian mobiles are slower and shows loading even on simple tasks.
opening gallery
opening messages
changing themes
opening camera etc
and cedar is ahead in every thing as compared to nokia symbian
and one major + point of cedar is its battery backup
4 days for me

  • AnonD-10730

[deleted post]Use brains buddy.
Its not pc where ram is considerd, rom too is important.

And no one said cedar is the best than all nokia phones.
Cedar is best amng phones of this range.
Symbian smartphones does slow down as you increase memory and keep filling it until kbps are left.

  • AnonD-9998

S26, 25 Jun 2011Cedar is a very nice Phone........ Really Greenheart...... 1.S... moreDude. Very gud review fa our mate(Cedar).
Yur review will b a very best counter attack for the people, whome are all blame our cedar.
Keep rocking:)

  • Anonymous

Got my cedar.. White one n its just aussum! :) but battery power is kinda low.. N how cn i know if ìts fully charged or not? Tnx bro.

  • S26

Cedar is a very nice Phone........
Really Greenheart......
1.Sound quality is best. Mega bass is really cool one.
Sufficient volume Range.
(Sony Ericsson never harms your Ears)
2.Camera Qulity is also good in comparison with
other 2MP and oher companies 3.5MP & 5MP also.
Camera sensor is good.Colour capturing is good.
Capctured Vdo quality is also good.
3.Battery life is also very good.
4.Display is stunning.(Themes are easily available on
5.FM reception and quality of Sony Ericsson phones is
best than
any other company mobile

This phone(or Sony Ericsson) is only for decent
and standard people.

  • umesh

AnonD-10210, 24 Jun ericsson cedar is way ahead of lava & spice. ... moreya you are right

  • Tanay

anshubham, 24 Jun 2011hello my frnds . this post is for all tose who are fed up of CED... moreThanks..nice

  • AnonD-11932

i have already used audio n camera drivers for my cedar n they worked fine bt i want to know that any display drver is available for cedar...IF it is available then send me the link n also tell me the purpose of display drivers...

  • AnonD-9998

used, 25 Jun 2011hi pls tell me how can I change it's acoustic I mean the one I d... moreYu need farmanager to upload that files dude. Read the previous posts by wreck and tanay., those posts wil clear yu doubts.

  • used

anshubham, 24 Jun 2011hello my frnds . this post is for all tose who are fed up of CED... morehi pls tell me how can I change it's acoustic I mean the one I downloaded from here how can I put it in my cedar?
thanks everyone

  • AnonD-9998



Yu can hide any files in both yur filemanager and media player, using this app.
Very effective app. Read user review, before yu download dis file. It'll helps yu;-)

  • AnonD-9998

AnonD-10730, 25 Jun 2011These guys got no base and keeps on chanting to lie cedar is not... moreYa.
I cant understand, wats deir motive and why dey behaving like dis.
I thnk, any nokia or other brands made these kind of people and try to make sony down.
But the reality is.. THEY CANT.
This is my first sony and a multimedia ph. But im proud to expose me as a sony user. And, especialy.. As Cedar user. Cedar rocks.
No way to hide the sun with single hand;-)

  • AnonD-10210

@ wreck @ YB

Well said guys, i don't know what makes them to say negative about this phone.
This is one of the best, if not THE BEST 3g phone at that price.
I inserted my 8gb microsd card in cedar and this phone never got slowed down but my nokia e72 does.

  • AnonD-10730

AnonD-7935, 24 Jun 2011I have downloaded the update software. But when I run it, after ... moreWhat was the message?

Updating need net connection, were you conected ?

  • AnonD-10730

AnonD-9998, 24 Jun 2011Whats up dude! Wats yur idea! Ar yu thnking tat comparing d top... moreThese guys got no base and keeps on chanting to lie cedar is not good
Most case, they dont reply.
If they reply, you can easily beat them cos you are proving the best is really the best.
If they get beaten, boom, they dissapear.
And a new one comes in.
Some times they just switch names and try to act as a new one without knowing gsmarena marks their ip under their comment.

Alas. Wat a losers.
Just checkout c2's or x2's page, you can find a lot of such people.
And guess what, even if the sky falls down, they never agree cedar is the best.