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  • AnonD-13154

hs, 27 May 2012using cedar for last 6 months. though it has some unique capabil... moreDude, what u mean by poor battery life?

95% of users who posted here that the phone got amazing backup from their experience including mine..
And several of us got 2 days continuous 2g online backup, with me it was 38hours from 98% charge.

Sar values are high compared to samsung maybe, but compared to nokia, they are lower.
And I use the phone for atleast 1 hour continuous before going to bed, still hadnt felt any tinglings.

poor Fm reception may be due to poor ariel, try searching u r room to findout where u would get the max clarity. By the way, its completely ok with me, got no reception problems, my house is some 30-38kms from the kochi fm station. Just to make a point.

And dont forget the pros like multitasking, basic flash, vga playback.
I suppose u still hadnt changed any audio driver of u r phone. Its another of its pros. Open file system allowing custom modifications for out-of-box performance

  • hs

Also FM recording option is not there. The SAR value of phone is high and you feel tingling in your fingers after holding in your hands for more than half an hour. Samsung phones have low SAR value.

  • hs

using cedar for last 6 months. though it has some unique capabilites like java file execution (.jar files ), geotagging, video calling and 3G but it seems to have drawbacks too (maybe i do not have enough information how to correct it).

1. low battery life even after selecting 50% brightness in display and selecting 2g in options. drains in 2 days flat without any usage even of phone or other features. if someone knows any tip for increasing battery life please reply.

2. FM radio reception is very very poor even after selecting mono reception. does not even scan the channels automatically. my basic samsung phone is much better in this regard .

3. i recieved mh410 headphones instead of mh610 as others have reported and maybe hence sound quality is just okay ..not too great.

Rest everything is fine and google maps inbuilt is a great feature at the price of phone.

  • Tbdm

vishalbh, 25 May 2012I am using cedar since last 10 months so far very excellent p... morehey dude,I think its not right that you will use the loudspeaker of any phone in a crowded and noisy place. I myself prefers a quality headset when going elsewhere(cedar has superb audio quality in headset). If I am only in our house I am using external speakers. But if you still want an improvement then change your audio acoustic. Go to

  • vishalbh

I am using cedar since last 10 months

so far very excellent performer

decent looks

good 3g speed

good everythingís is up to the exception

only one issue it speaker volume is low

you canít hear anything in crowdy Place

does this issue with all the cedar users

I really donít know

pl let me know if anybody have solution

I have keep it on full volume but still not sufficient

to listen in noisy area

  • nigi

hey wreck u can get the audio drive and menu icon

  • Vahid

AnonD-13154, 24 May 2012Yes it does support. And it also support flash content like t... moreprofessional review, THX.

  • Pandu.

Black sparrow, 19 May 2012I dropped my cedar into water. It took a minute for me to remove... moreTake new cedar

  • AnonD-13154

sammy, 22 May 2012can the inbuilt browser supports you tube? reply soon.. i am goi... moreYes it does support.

And it also support flash content like time counting from certain file sharing sites. Infact the only java phone that support flash content apart from other se java phones (not yendo) is cedar.
Besides it got multitasking too, and thread view in messages too.

Along with that this is only java phone that supports vga 640x480 resolution videos in the price range.

Not to forget the unlimited java file size, that enables the phone to work even 8mb .jar files whereas the samsung,nokia dumb java phones show 'file too big' once the .jar file size exceed 1mb.

And it got an open-file system that allows the user to customise the entire audio driver, camera drivers, even the display driver for out-of-box performance and even change the icons design, positions etc... An other smartphone-only capability.

Last but not the least the ergonomic design of the device, following the likes of elm, hazel,many xperias and which is now copied by many other manufacturers into their phones eg: nokia 500, x2-03,etc...

Besides the device is damn strong and the plastic used is of top-notch quality that even after around 400 droppings from me personally the case hasnt smudged or breaked.

In short, ever since its launched sony-ericsson cedar is the king of its price range and even after 2 years of launch, its yet to find a matching competition.

  • baskar

menu, 15 May 2012please help me, i connected my SE cedar to may pc but I couldn't... moreThat mobile is very bad so you will be take a se yendo that is good mobil

  • AnonD-50161

hey wreck get it in

  • Isuru

Nice phone..and very fast to web.this fn have good 2mp camera and video is maxximam

  • Rishabh

take a look at this guyz..ive clicked this pic of our cedar which is equal to outer beauty+inner perfection !! Cheers for ol cedar oweners !!!

  • AnonD-14781

hi guys..:-) its one year by now i'm wit cedar..:-) it still working very nicely without any problems..i love my cedar..guys I lost my mh610 headphone..:-( can anyone tell how much its costs n were I can get it at least price? Or suggest any other good headphones..

  • sammy

can the inbuilt browser supports you tube? reply soon.. i am going to buy this mobile cedarians

  • Anonymous

this is 3.5 Headphone Jack phone?

  • Anonymous

is this phone supports mp4,youtube,online videos,java games,multi-tasking, n how many hours is battery backup?
pls answer.. i am going 2 buy this mobile..

  • AnonD-13154

hello gus....
got any new audio drivers or icon packages, i am getting bored with the old ones :d

  • AnonD-8051

Got your msg yesterday dude...thank u so much...hope u and ur girl friend ding well....

  • Black sparrow

I dropped my cedar into water. It took a minute for me to remove it out of water. I removed the battery, the sim card, the memory card. Then i dried it for one day. Then put the battery, sim card, memory card back. Initially worked fine. But later it could not read the memory card. It says 'Checking Memory Card' when i try to access it in file manager. Nothing is wrong with the memory card. I could not format it also using my cedar. Anyone knows what i can do next?