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  • S B

To all those who are using SE 'Cedar',i want to ask some questions as i am planning to buy it in next week..-
1.How much is its Ring tone volume? is it loud enough?
2.Does it have Marathi SMS reader?
3.Can we set different ring tones for each contact ?

Thanks in Advance.....!

  • suru

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010is there an "sms timer" feature in Cedar? can you comp... moreI had used 2 SE phones ie G 700 & W 705 and both had gone within 1 year. ie Mother board. Have any one used Cedar for more than a year . How about sync with contacts from computer

  • S B

To all the users of 'Cedar' i want to ask some questions as am planning to buy it in next week.....- 1.Can anybody tell me that how is the ring tone volume of Cedar? is it loud enough? 2.Can we set different ring tones for each contact? And 3.Does it have a Marathi SMS reader ?

Thanks in advance...!

  • Anonymous

hello frnds if u don't mind i have one question in my mind that i want to buy new phone range around 6000 INR but so can u suggest me a fair opinion that which company i prefer sony or nokia .....?
another one is that if i go for sony which one is better cedar or Naite.....
reply as soon as possible

  • jeromie

how was external speakers....very low sound in my mobile,,,

  • skw

I hv both se x10 mini & cedar. I like them both....

  • abhi

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2010Can anyone pls tell me about the music player of Cedar and has i... morePreloaded Equalizers in cedar are - normal ,bass ,MegaBass ,voice ,treble boost.
But you can't create a manual equalizer.
Music player has many diff. preloaded skins which can be applied to make it look more cool.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone pls tell me about the music player of Cedar and has it got an equalizer megabass??

  • abhi

[deleted post]It has photo fix

  • devil

wow so many cedar supporters out there... That means only one thing. . .this phone rocks!! simple.. :)

even tech tree says that this is the most affordable phone in this price range....

  • Saurabh

[deleted post]One more thing 3g is nt to browse hours on cell ,its to connect ur phone as modem to pc n njoy for hours . U stupid can give hours to cellphone to browse oh pity ..i really cant help u and whats 16 mill cols u know it only fills colors but if ur face s nt gud however make up we do we cant make it better ..resolusion hmm its alws screen size to pixel ratio ..lesser d ratio better the quality of screen .u gusy just get playgroup bøoks n try to poke their nose in higher secondary.

  • Saurabh

[deleted post]I think u saw first touchscreen in nokia form .It seems in ur way s60 s better than windows n linux ,just get ur basics right in smartphones there s google's android n it will let nokia to s60 to accept it or leave market,one more thing r u nokia fan or s60 .,if nokia then see nokia 6303 ,5310,5130 n compare s40 to java if u r baby of s60 then see android ,all these nokia products r far behind..AND U will get same features in 2690 of 2500 rs and 6303 of 6000 rs .if u r so interested to get pdf its hard to get them right for whatever mobile screen size it is even 10" nt comfy n u may get some gr8 window lt in price range of ur outdated s60 n97..come on baby i think u need a compulsury class on cellphones take a thing more name never shows what u are n i think u saw ur first touchy in form of nokia 523x u pity baby hehee..

  • Drams

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2010does it have photo fixyes it has photo fix.C:

  • Andrew J.

In Romania it came with data cable instead of microsd card at a very decnt price.

  • Anonymous

does it have photo fix

  • kchat

devil, 21 Dec 2010hmmmm. . i guess kchat is talkin abt roaming..!! i had it in my ... morethanx for letting me know devil.

  • Anonymous

John, 23 Dec 2010First understand that Sony(The No.1 Japanese Electronics Maker)a... moresure! i totally agree with u.. am a se fan too... but dont u think after the k750/w810 era, their quality, market share and se fan base has been reducing????

  • John

First understand that Sony(The No.1 Japanese Electronics Maker)and Ericsson(No.1 Swedish Telecom firm)made a joint venture in 2001 and the reason for this venture is to combine Sony's consumer electronics expertise with Ericsson's technological knowledge in the communications sector.All SE phones are based on Java's Mobile Platform(J2ME. Security, Robustness & Ability to tailor according to the platform embedded are the key features of the Java Mobile API.Sony Ericsson has been releasing costly mobile phones since they were worth of it! But now, they have targeted at the Mid-Price range market. All ericsson phones have been tested under a pure quality control system(Six-Sigma).So they show a very good build than Nokia and others from 2001 to till date.After attaining a incredible growth rate in the mobile phone business, Nokia started to release poor quality of phones(1208,1660,6600,N97, etc) and touch phones that have the size of a brick(5233,5230 etc)!

It is the brand name that makes Nokia Survives!
It is the build quality and applications that will make SE ,the 'market leader' in the future ! ! !

  • sandynator

rocky, 23 Dec 2010sorry i wont even recommend symbian phones in here you know........ morePlz.. stop boasting of Symbian s60V5............

for touch screen the new samsung bada os is also better than s60[I feel even the MICROMAX or china fones may have better touch screens :D]

the nok have still not got the basic feature of fone Straight in s 40 platform fones

  • abhi

rocky, 23 Dec 2010sorry i wont even recommend symbian phones in here you know........ moreAll the phones u told about have turned to be failure.
In case of n97 even nokia admitted it to be a big failure.
Screen in 5233 is resistive & on the top of that sensitivity of nokia touchscreens is already the worst on market. Nokia s60 phones(including 5233 don't have even a single transition effect) ,on the other hand se cedar has transition effects on every effect. Cedar has better flash lite than 5233 due to better implementation by se. At least our cedar has 3G with HSDPA but ur 5233 doesn't even have that. Alphanumeric keypads r far much better than ur poor resistive touchscreens.
Our java based cedar is many times faster than ur slow like hell 5233.
Ur s60 is failing like hell now a days.