Sony Ericsson Cedar

Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • Aaron

I have been using this phone for 2 weeks now. Like the keypad and the responsiveness. Had no trouble in using any of the tools on the phone. Overall great features, a good phone from Sony after a really longtime. Good that they got rid of their traditional power/headphone socket. They have standardized it to microUSB and 3.5mm. Great phone for the price.

Only negative about the phone is it lacks a front camera for video call and the quality of the shipped headphones is bad. Sound quality is good with other headphones.

  • Harry

Can someone tell me about the acessories that come along with this phone in india.......?
plz reply....!

  • Anonymous

nokia x3-02 is best and is to be priced below rs.7000/

  • Anonymous

guys which have better music in speaker not in headset x3 or ceder or naite and which is better for me cedar or naite

  • Anonymous

nokia x3-02 is best and is to be priced below rs.7000/

  • sakthi

hi to every one ,,,, please any one tell about the sound quality?

  • Anonymous

marujii, 23 Oct 2010##ATTENTION## to all those who plan to buy SE cedar or zylo ##... moreStop fooling people around!!!
My cousin bought zylo 2 months ago.
I have tested it's video rec. and it falls to 8 fps only if lightning conditions r REALLY LOW.
I was once going somewhere with my cousin in his car & it was raining outside so I just recorded the video & it was not lousy at all !!!
I agree it was not nice like in bright sunlight but being very lousy and jerky is out of question.

  • deb

sound is okok...not attractive,,head phone sound is good

  • cader

Is this(cedar) a dual sim mobile?

dual standby or active?

  • cader

Is this a dual sim mobile?

dual stand by or active?

  • marujii

to all those who plan to buy SE cedar or zylo
I bought zylo a month ago,and i post a message concerning the issue of VGA video frames rates..if u have read it..I would like to apologize for giving u the wrong that time,i though the problem has to do with the folder management..that doesn't solve the problem..i got it wrong..and would like to clear this..
now,I am very sure that it isn't,the truth is a variable frame rates camera for taking video,which only gives you 29.XX maximum frame rate under strong sun light,in the low light situation or even indoors with bright fluorescent or incandescent light,u can only get 8 or 5 frames of vga video..jerky,lousy,terrible video
their is only 2 option for zylo,u can either choose video for MMS or VGA.for the cheaper sibling cedar..u won't get anything better.
VGA 30frames is just a gimmick by SE,I felt being cheated by SE...i would prefer CIF 30 frame rather than getting VGA 8 frame.
IF video recording is important to u...don't buy zylo or cedar

  • Droid,java,s60

When u speaking about java phone , SE still number one for a java phone. The Cedar is low budget java phone with nice feature inside now. Support 3.5 G tech, 3.5 mm hole for audio, nice keypad on curve candy bar model, mini usb hole. Etc etc.

Finally a java phone is never die.
SE always win with a java phone.

  • Samir

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2010I think there is some problem with ur network. Try using anothe... moreIts not a sim issue. I have been using the same sim with nokia 2700 and never had problem. Always received calls while using internet. I took my cedar to sony service center, they checked it and sent it for replacement. Hope new piece comes clean!! I love this phone...

  • Pradeep kumar

Please tell me any, about battery backup & music.

  • Pradeep kumar

Please tell me any, about battery backup cedar mobile.

  • radec

Ganda Pangaribuan, 22 Oct 2010Its only Rp.900.000,- Greenheart, eco friendly materials. 3G, Vi... moreI bought it only 885,000 rupiah at Jambua Dua Bogor

  • .

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2010hey, is this video problem in naite, elm n hazel too???Yes, it's happened with my hazel too.

  • Anonymous

Vijay, 22 Oct 2010 Abhi, My Friend, Your Opinion is right to the Point..... CE... morehey, is this video problem in naite, elm n hazel too???

  • Ganda Pangaribuan

Its only Rp.900.000,- Greenheart, eco friendly materials. 3G, Video Call, Google Maps, X-Picture Story (Movie Maker -w/ music). Perfect Phone!

  • Vijay

abhi, 22 Oct 2010Hi vijay , yeah I agree that frame rate can drop to 8fps in ced... more
Abhi, My Friend, Your Opinion is right to the Point.....

CEDAR is a Budget Phone, One Can't Expect Miracles from it.. Moreover, when high-end phones can't deliver what is promised why treat our little CEDAR like it Shattered the dream of UR Dream Phone. I agree that it's not the perfect phone(In My Honest Personal Opinion, there is no such thing as a 'PERFECT PHONE' it's just a concept like any other & I thing only the person who is using it can tell if it is 'PERFECT' for His/Her Purposes)but it does have more feature than any other phone in the given price bracket. The Issue with low ring volume can/may be rectified in the coming firmware updates. It too early for it to deemed unworthy...

I would also like to point out the ignorance of an established company like SONY ERICSSON in presenting the true facts about their product. In fact I did send a mail to SONY ERICSSON regarding the Video Issue & they were not decent enough to reply me back.... I don't find that Professional at all....!