Sony Ericsson D750

Sony Ericsson D750

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  • nnn

The menus are branded too!! :@

  • Mark LV

Does this phone have a lens protector, like the K750?

  • Iceman

This is an exclusive version made for T-Mobile (hence the T-Mobile tag at the bottom of the phone). Only T-Mobile will distribute this phone.

  • omer

man wut is going on here ..3 fones exactly the same...execpy for some memory differences ...personaly i think some nokia freak has entered the SE doesnt matter SE rules

  • Sony Extremer

I agree, mark. It looks the same with w800 but in white & black color version. Hmm... frankly it looks better than orange-ish w800.
Anyway... what is t-mobile?

  • mark

i believe it looks more of a white w800i.

  • reiss

dey say dis beauty will be out in 2nd quarter mate. does that mean the k750 will not be out on tmobile then

  • Jackal

does anybody knows when this phone comes on the market???I wanna buy it coz it's got everything in small and stylish design

  • yee

there's no mistake...its only the T-mobile version of the K500 has voda version: f500i and t-mob. vers. :K508i ..

  • captain

SE going the NOKIA configuration difference between SE K750 & D750....... same phone with two different casings....NOKIA failed so many times at this and now SE doing the same mistake.... SE Design Folks!!!! dont do it....I considered you a bunch of creative guys....not dumb-ass punks like Nokia designers

  • me

to fone dude: you cant have more than one thing, this is a T-mobile exclusive and seems to be a cross between the W800 and K750

  • virus

i think SE = Nokia, remodeling an old phone... 2 bad isn't it. cant c the exact different between k700 k750 and D750...

please SE, dont b like Nokia... b more creative please or people will dump u like they did it 2 nokia

  • Sony Extremer

Another one? Another SE 2mp phones? SE must be crazy. I can't imagine when SE will rellease the successor of S700i (let's just call it S750i), I think it will have 5mp camera like Samsung p860 (S series always be the SE top model). Too many SE 2mp phones already.
And I got a feeling we will see it very soon. Probably quarter 3. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

my points exactly

  • fone dude

nice! it's the W800 without the orange trim and with K750 specs.
can we wipe off the T-Mobile logo? lol