Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • hi

ILESH C PARIKH, 04 Apr 2018Hi... I want to buy Sony F305 slider phone, if any one have, le... moreHi I have one original brand new F305 made by sony ericson (not refurbished) mobile with all genuine accessories untouched brand new.

  • Sony user since '05

ugh, such great times. just cracked the screen on my latest Sony E5.

first cracked screen. after 13 years of Sony...

13 years...


I want to buy Sony F305 slider phone, if any one have, let me know

To those considering the Sony Ericsson F305, please don't get it and instead get the Sony Ericsson Yari. The Yari is a much improved phone over the F305 with the same features but much much better specifications at a similar price (as of April 2018).

  • gameseeker

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2009People! Get a grip on yourselves. Look at the positive sides of ... moreHi guys I really loved my f305 but it was stolen now I jus want to know the names of the 50 extra games was on the mc please.

  • Amit

Very small phone and excellent phone

  • Anonymous

i am searching for display strip plz any one can tell me where it can available i can purchase

  • Anonymous

mara, 28 Aug 2014please let me know where I can get a battery for my Sony F305. I... moresee. the battery u r searching but the show room battery it will not get u but the other company batteries are available u try it for example china mobiles batteries are available the same model ok

  • AnonD-302052

my phone has shut down just a day after completion of one year warranty.THEN I reached to sony center they told me that this phone is banned bull shit.then I went to private repair centers they too didn't able to repair my this the care given by sony to a customer.

  • mara

please let me know where I can get a battery for my Sony F305. I have tried all over without any success.
my Email is

  • £u93

I want another fone like this one how can I get one

  • Anonymous

AnonD-178259, 23 Aug 2013I bot way back bt revwing 2dy, truly speakin it wz terrible expe... moreI dont understand your english, sorry to say so. Please use proper english grammar!

  • Lyn

Hi Guys I just wanted to know if we can install whats app on this device and from which device its a nice cell and good for gaming.

  • AnonD-219092

good device. It is a motion game device.
I have been using this device during six years. I never face any trouble with device. Only one drawback i found is that it's not support theme.

  • AnonD-178259

I bot way back bt revwing 2dy, truly speakin it wz terrible experinc,service of sony iz rely bad. i movd frm nokia to sony but it wz 1 of worst decisn,I FACE SLIDING PROB, HANG PROB,HEATING PROB, HEADSET PROB, AFTER 1 YEAR I SOLD IT FOR JUS RS. 200/-,

  • goldy 5

do agree wid d zooming mode drbck but no phone carries all prfct fetres

  • goldy 5

folks... this phone was really a masterpiece 5 years ago when i bought it.sound is still best as cmpred to latest smartest ever phone.problem's only with m2 mem.card's availability .love it n use it still.

  • freedy

sound system means i can say it's the best comparing to it's price....but there is a problem i,e sliding problem
i use it for 4 months and everything has gone bad...eve though i miss it's sounds quality....

  • Anurag

It is a nice phone but sometimes it cause problems with screen and slider.Sound is fantastic and I did not satisfied with zooming in 1600x1200 (not in video recording). The zooming is only available in VGA camera.And the internal memory is not too much.But the games are superb the motion gaming has a different experience.And the accessories of this one is not available in most of the cities.

  • maskeyjeen

Ring Tone is very Low and when recieved phone cold not heard voice properly.