Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • nd

Look like SE just follow the design from Nokia.

  • eternal_wind

hey!! check out at the Sony Ericsson website!! This phone comes with 11 pre-installed games!!

  • Zero

It has stereo speakers ... Nice ! .

High-Specs phones need stereo speakers too , Why SE Why ?!?!?!

  • char

this fone is a gaming fone....??
doesnt feel like it... looks more like w550 with motion sensor.... n slightly better specs.
it might suits ppl with little needs though. but, its definitely not my fone.... :D

well, lets hope for a psp fone.... maybe a yr from now?? XD

  • Anonymous

what is Motion gaming

  • Anonymous

hope someday SE will release a PSP phone as a succesor of this ok phone.