Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700

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  • lily

Generally, which is better? SE G700 or G900?

  • se fan

krazyfrog, 08 Jul 2008Yes one can install themes in this phone. And the themes in this... morecan you record how you put new themes in g700 ang send video to youtube pls?

  • krazyfrog

se fan, 08 Jul 2008can you put new themes in this phone?because file manager haven'... moreYes one can install themes in this phone. And the themes in this phone are installed in the system folder which is hidden from the built-in file manager. You'll need an application like the X-plore to view hidden folders.

  • se fan

can you put new themes in this phone?because file manager haven't folder for themes sry for my english-im from Macedonia

  • pika

I just got my G700 2 days ago. The looks is cool and the keypad is fantastic. But I find that the inbterface is abit irritatig due to there are a lot of repeating links and shortcut here and there, which i think it is not neccessary. Besides that, if i am sending few songs from other phone into G700, the files is sent as a beam msg, and I ahve to save the song individually into my folder! I am quite dissapointed about this functio. In addition, there are no msg counter function for this phone.

  • Nobody

Dust has started entering my screen :( screen is poor under sunlight too :(

  • krazyfrog

What's the latest firmware version for this phone?

  • nashita

guys i got G700 on 29th july....and i mst admit tat moment i saw dis phone i was totaky floored by its luks ,later i went back home and saw all its specifications on day i had it,bt thn things started getting worse...
-it got freezed on the same night
-the touchscreen is not sensitive enough,u literaaly hv to push on screen which is weird
-and ur call gets disconnceted due to its sensitive touch..again too weird
-when u hv to add contcts...its slow
-its slow...and sometimes u hav to wait for tthe processing to irritating aagain
-on 2nd day it agin feezed whwen i switched it on
-no auto focus in camera
-central five way key is nt user friendly again.
to sum i hav given it to the same shop and asked them to show it care centre...nd reqsted to allow me to buy any other phone.i think may be d reason behind geting freeze is tat i int chrge it for 1st time....but in my opinion dis phone got all style but zero user-friendliness....

  • First Time SE User

I hear irritable low frequency sound whenever I place the phone close to my ear. But if the phone is on a standby mode, it's gone. Is this normal or not?

  • Oman

Whenever I unlocked the phone and put it close to my ear, I will hear a very irritating low frequency sound. Is this normal? But, when the phone is on lock mode, you don't hear the irritating sound. I will appreciate if you can give some advise on how to turn-off the sound, otherwise, I'll bring the phone back to the dealer. Thanks!!!! Other than that, the phone is great!


looks are not god

  • Anonymous

The battery does not have to be charged for 10 hours. It is recommended to charge the battery for 4 hours the 1st 4 times with the phone off.

  • Anonymous

A. L. L, 02 Jul 2008Hi I'm wondering what age level people think about this phone, a... moreTeen agers

  • krazyfrog

The sound quality of this phone is very good. The supplied headset is pretty average and is the standard SE headset that is supplied with the non-Walkman phones. Getting the HPM-70 or something like that can really transform this phone into a jukebox. The Walkman 3 player is also nice and can entirely be operated with finger tips like the iPhone.

The camera on this phone is quite good. However the colours are a bit exaggerated though.

The phone is also very slim and light, making it a good choice for women and girls.

Battery life is unimpressive though. Lasts for just one and a half day.

UI is slow. Period.

Notes app does not work in the phone that I have. Don't exactly know what the problem is. Trying to open it always gives the message "In use". Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

The pre-installed Blackberry connect software caused the phone to freeze every time. So had to uninstall it.

If anyone has anymore queries, ask them here. I'll try my best to answer them. :)

  • krazyfrog

SE G700

+ Good looks
+ Slim and light design
+ Good keypad
+ Good camera
+ Good sound quality
+ Good RAM and built-in memory (1 GB M2 card supplied; expandable up to 8 GB)
+ Track ID
+ Good VFM

- No Wi-Fi
- Slow interface
- Loudspeaker is loud but sounds pathetic with lots of treble and zero bass
- Small stylus is uncomfortable to use
- FM radio is weak

  • omai

How is the music in this phone. can any one let me know it.

  • be

hi irina.. did u charge ur phone for at least 10 hours when u first bought it? coz every new phone has to charge at least 8-10 hrs for a long battery life.try it at least 2 times...

  • A. L. L

Hi I'm wondering what age level people think about this phone, as in what age level of people should own or use this phone. Just wondering because I might get it for my daughter but don't know if its too adult because its stated as a business phone.

  • tomsss

Irina, 02 Jul 2008Hi!! My husband got 2 weeks ago... Battery - he has to charge i... moreTurn of 3G, set the brightness to 70% and enable power save to activate after 1 min. With that it should last you much longer... mine could last at least 3 days with occasionally sms and short calls, a few camera snaps and listening to the radio.

  • Irina

tomsss, 01 Jul 2008Just got this phone and using it for a week... so far so good! A... moreHi!! My husband got 2 weeks ago... Battery - he has to charge it every night! Is it normal????? At the store they told ua that battery will be goog for 12 hours of talking time... We are very upset - battery is almost empty at the end of the day....Please advice!