Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

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  • cost

How much does it cost??? pls tell me i wanna buy this dollars or in euros.

  • Anonymous

does it have a thread messaging option? i saw its featured video at SE site, i seems like it does but i'm not sure..

  • Exo

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2009hey guys which color is best, black or gold?i prefer black.. looks cheap n gold xD

  • rusdyan

this phone is great
mak nyus

  • K660i user

? How much dose it cost at Singapore? Pls include the name of the shop, tq.

  • Anonymous

hey guys which color is best, black or gold?

  • Excalibur

this phone is so far so good!easy to use the wifi and connect fast, user friendly easy to operate

  • RJ

girlz, 18 Oct 2009bad handphone.ijuz by this phone 2 weeks ago.. the camera is no... moreIm interested in you phone
but i dont have any cash iam willling to trade my treo 750v d lang nga cya wi fi and defect nya ear pcs pero may head set. bka guso mo lang pagtripan kse classic cp cya. Txt or call me at 09209460327

  • quake

audi, 08 Oct 2009you can't esily connect using wifi unless you have strong connec... moreright, i agree with you.. i do that when i'm inside SM malls.. connection's great..

  • quake

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2009you tube does not work with this phone whyfirst thing to do is download the updates from the SE site.
second, I noticed that the problem lies with Youtube's site itself.. sometimes I can watch youtube, sometimes i can't.

  • quake

Hamid, 23 Sep 2009G stands for Generalization Web. Sony Ericsson G series phones a... moreG stand s for Generation Web not Generalization Web.

  • quake

Audi, 21 Sep 2009G stands for Generation. G series phones are for web generation ... moredo you mind sharing where you get your downloads?

  • quake

G705 user, 11 Sep 2009I've use this for few months. Anyone having this phone and the k... moreI feel you.. I had to actually scratch the keypad to get rid of the plastic film and the silver coating so that it looks great again.. keypad is glossy after the plastic film was removed.
the center button is now beaming white color instead of the silver.. lol..still the phone is great and i still love it and did not regret buying it.

  • quake

kek, 26 Aug 2009It does not have a processor. It's not a smartphone, it runs on ... moreall phones have processor.. duh.. how will it work if it doesn't have one.

  • Anonymous

Macedonia, 18 Oct 2009Is this good phone? Is GPS and WI-FI works sucsseful? pleas... moregood ...very good...go to buy urself

  • k.b.

hi guys. i wanna buy this fone. i like it for wi- fi. is it good for music too? thnx

  • Jojo

Hi, I'm about to buy a G705, I think that is has all the features I need. Questios:
- Is the GPS working well?
- What about the issue with sound quality and ringing? Is it really a problem?
Thanks for your help!

  • huhuha

Macedonia, 18 Oct 2009Is this good phone? Is GPS and WI-FI works sucsseful? pleas... moreI think that thios mobile is agood

  • juven

william +63922846486, 14 Oct 2009hi when im trying to connect to the net via wifi when im at work... moreit means secure yung connection na yun, and you need to have the key phrase para maka connect ka.

  • a.s

is very good phone but the camera is not very good if sibershot is good