Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

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  • flagstaff

I've been using G705 for 3 mths.Discover that the speaker quality is poor. Recipient complaint echo at the other end. Any improvements from S.E, any software upgrade or anything????
pls help

  • sub

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009Can I use the GPS without connecting to the network provider (th... moreu can use the gps wthout connecting.just download trekbuddy 4m google n u cqn enjoy free gps

  • Green

I was looking at the G705 and i browse through nokia phones and i spotted the E71.Putting these 2 phones to comparison.Which is better.(the scale is already dipping on the SE side for me but im jus asking)

  • Ambtskv

I have this f0r abwt a m0nth n0w and itz w0rking s0 gr8! The batt life i go0d, the gprs and 3g are w0rking neatly, the best f0ne i have s0 far. N0 pr0blems abwt this unit. Keep it up S.E.!

  • suxel

I had the phone for 3 weeks, and during these 3 weeks, it was in the service centre for 1 and 1/2 weeks! The phone's built is sub par and it is very defective! The phone wobbles a lot when you are typing! Unlike the dummy one on display which is built solid. And it actually emits creaking and cracking sounds when typing as the plastic cover behind is not fitted neatly with the phone's body! Navigation keys dont respond, or slow to respond when I depress it, making it a real FRUSTRATION. I send the phone in for repair after 7 days of use. Then 2 days after I got it back from the service centre, the screen went blank on me with lines running on the top. I asked for a full refund or exchange to another model. The service centre then went quiet without responding to my email. One week later, after I keep pounding them with emails the support service flattly rejected my request. They say that they can only give me another new G705. Oh my god! I dont want another problematic new phone! Since it IS THE SAME DEFECTIVE MODEL! But they gave me no other choice. I received the new replacement another week later as they say they dont have stock! Can you believe it??? I bought it for S$559 and I had to sell it at $370!!! After just over 1 month, I had lost so much! It goes to show the G705 has no market value, full of flaws and their service support is way below standard! I will never buy another Sony Ericsson product again. I have a much much better experience with Nokia Service Centre. From now on, all my phones will be Nokias or Samsungs. NEVER another SE phone again!

  • fko

Can anyone tell me if I can run google maps/latitude and run it in the background (multi task). I need a phone for my son.

  • Anonymous

worth buying? yes/no? why?

  • G900

If I was a touch screen I won't hesitate a second and exchange my G900 against it but now I don't know if it's a good choice. :(

  • Anonymous

Suxel, 04 Mar 2009I had the phone for 3 weeks, and during these 3 weeks, it was in... morei guess you're either unlucky or bullshitting. i have been using this phone for over 3 months, and all i can say is that it is literary awesome. nokia sucks, and so does samsung!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2009Can enybody tell me wether I can install dictionary programm in ... moreyes you can download oxford dictionary on it, you just need to go to sony ericsson download page from your phone, and download it, and it will cost you around 6 dollars

  • Anonymous

How Much do those money icons mean?

  • grouse

Can anybody tell me if i can install a navigation application in order to use gps without is essential the use of gprs.

  • Anonymous

alfi, 10 Mar 2009how to play youtube? pls help me ....To play Youtube, you need internet connection. G705 can be either connected thru your telecomm provider (GRPS/3G) OR wi-fi.

  • Anonymous

This phone is generally great and awesome considering the money you paid for. I love its Wi-fi & GPS. Just that the camera cannot even beat my previous phone K800i - it has no autofocus. If it is equipped with autofocus, I will give it 10/10. =)

  • Anonymous

Can enybody tell me wether I can install dictionary programm in G705 despite the fact that it doesn't have OS?

  • alfi

how to play youtube?
pls help me ....

  • New one

I've just buy this phone 2 days ago, and I really enjoy to use it.. It awesome!! But anyone can tell me how to change the font colour, coz the font colour is white and the bg also white..

  • yuyu

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970my fren hv use w980,
she complain tat tis hp is x gud,
n no wi-fi oso..
currently im using G705
tis hp is gud..
light n wi-fi available..
recommend to buy...
is a cool hp~
jz the sound canot compare wif W series

  • Anonymous

falcon, 08 Mar 2009- is there flash theme? ( like that in w705 ) yes it have flash theme... :)

  • falcon

- is there flash theme? ( like that in w705 )