Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

Catherine the Great, 30 Oct 2018Does this phone have WLAN (like the Sony Ericsson Hazel, fo... moreYes.

  • jigsaw

i remember i bought this phone for my gf back then in 2009 and she just threw it to the ground lol

I didn't expect this phone to have a 5MP camera. But here we go! What a surprise!

Does this phone have WLAN (like the Sony Ericsson Hazel, for example)?

The funny thing is, this phone is coming from Ericsson's side of the Sony Ericsson venture which rarely ever happens.

  • Symbian_legacy

it can play sega emulator a.k.a Pico Drive and Super nintendo a.k.a Vsun and Game boy advance a.k.a vBag

  • Happy ^_^

I have it since 2008 till now (Oct 2016), and will keep it forever(for faithful sake). Very good phone indeed(for me). Can play all Nintendo games with a simple emulator app, with keys! (maximum enjoyment, yes!). Thanks.

  • Anonymous

kljym, 19 Jan 2014This phone was the pure waste of my money. Luckily, it was ... moreHow could you say the camera isn't bad... Its very bad...Back when I bought it only a very few camera's had 5MP.It was like today's 16 MP camera.I was super excited to get it...But the worst thing I felt is the camera. When I took the photo of a red sofa,it appeared pink.The color reproduction was extremely poor.I felt jealous of my friends having 2MP Nokia phones. It is then I realised that the quality of a photo depends not only on the mega pixel count.Other than this and a kind of lagy UI,the phone was pretty much OK...

  • letty

Afshin, 01 Oct 2013Can i install Viber (Symbian Version ) on it ?I have this smartphone yes its good but can't connect WiFi why pls help me

  • AnonD-82844

It was a jewel of a phone,it lasted me 4 years,kept in mint condition,and still rolls at one of my friends since 2012,there was absolutely,nothing that you couldn't do with this phone,i had the best video player a mobile phone could ever have,even better than most android players this days,mp3 player also,i could even install windows 98 on this phone,my god,it was perfect from any angle i could watch it,also it totally worth the 480 Euro i payed on it back then :)

  • kljym

This phone was the pure waste of my money. Luckily, it was not too expensive.
It was slow, touchscreen was inaccurate, and "the crown jewel" was extremely bad network reception, even in the areas close to transmitting antennas; in the end, firmware went bonkers and I even couldn't turn it on.
I adressed the licensed repair service, but no luck. Finally it got out that the entire G900 series was bad, and to get a quality piece was the pure matter of lottery. I was glad when I got rid of mine.
On the positive side, camera wasn't bad.

  • nem

hy eveyone i just can reply to any want know the phone lock code to can knows this number i do use xs++ the only what you need is run this software look you need install all the software of sony ericsson any even the most old why the drivers need are the reason because this software dont work i know very well to me did take many time make it read the data info of phone , you need install pc suit 1.6 this is old pc suite with drivers symbian and too most recente pc suit and too pc companion and too a SEUS and even too omnius just so XS++ did run cheers and sorry for my bad inglish im spanish

  • AnonD-222245

Hi, I have restart problem with this mobile. I am searching the best technician for this mobile. I shown to some technicians but they can not repaired. so can any body suggest me a best technician in india?

  • Afshin

Can i install Viber (Symbian Version ) on it ?

  • corky

thiru, 31 Aug 2013where to insert memory card in Sony Ericsson G900?memory fits into covered slot beneath the charger/link connector.

  • thiru

where to insert memory card in Sony Ericsson G900?

  • raj

kaila, 30 Mar 2013i have this phone but the touchscreen is repire what is the... moreIn sony service center it is rs: 3200

  • jawakarraj

user, 30 Apr 2013ok i understand...dis phone is hard to unlock...when i use ... morepone lock

  • yaz

whats the security code???

  • Dheeraj

kaila, 30 Mar 2013i have this phone but the touchscreen is repire what is the... more1500