Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • AnonD-126725

does it support whatsapp ?

  • kaila

i have this phone but the touchscreen is repire what is the cost of original touchscreen for G900

  • anansie

Babak armaghan, 12 Mar 2013i have a great interest in one of your mobile devices , mod... moreI have one and i can sold you. if you want

  • Babak armaghan

i have a great interest in one of your mobile devices , model G900 but unfortunately this model doesn't produce anymore , i wanted to know that can you send me one or is it under produce yet ??

  • shavkat

Ravichandran M, 11 Jul 2012I am using this Phone from past around 4 Years and I am rea... morei don't know this phone. But i want more about it. Who can help me?

  • Ghouri

My phone is not in use condition. it is very slow. plz infrm me to solve my prblm

  • Void

Software not very reliable, internal memory problems, can't clear the temporary storage, need to upgrade or re-install the software everytime.. Moreover the TERRIBLE SERVICE from the Sony Ericsson service centre... Strongly recommend not to buy any Sony phones.

  • shihab

myg9 900 set touch screen not working,how to solve this ?

  • Anonymous

This is one of the worst mobile phone which has been created (if it was not the worst). If the awful speed along with horrible camera can not stop you from buying this phone you should now that after a while you will find some series problems with its touch screen. I have had this phone for more than 2 years and believe me or not it is a disaster!


this is the bst 4n this performances are very gud bt the 4n is too slow

  • zs

this phone WILL break automagically

  • neplai nikki

fucking phone...while me nad my friend having drinks suddenly my dad called me i was unable to attend cal..because d phone was hang out...wt i am coming to say is its has poor performance and very worst touch dad kicked out from my home due to dis phone because of tat days

  • estonia

i had this about 3 years. Look is very good, but it is very slow, touchscreen stopt working.

  • Dun

anuj22, 20 Jun 2012the touchscreen is pathetic, got it repaired twice. the pr... moreCan only agree with you.
First I thought it was because I had bought mine as a second hand.

A plus is that it can read 16GB m2 cards (Sandisk m2 16GB) but I think this bigger than supposed to card also slows down the G900...

But it's a nice phone and I'm glad to have it in my collection...

  • Ravichandran M

I am using this Phone from past around 4 Years and I am really dis-happy with this phone. The over all performance is worst so far. The one and only reason I repair again and again and using this is because I spent it around Rs. 22000. So, I am not able to throw this simply. Keep repair again and again.

Also the following are the major issues on this mobile,

#1. Hanging up without any reason.

#2. Restart without any reasonable reason.

#3. Over heat when use Bluetooth/GPRS/3G

#4. After a year I am not able to use the wireless Bluetooth headset which they said that need to re-install software and then they said that need to get serviced and all done so far not able to connect.

#5. Camera is WORST at all. They saying 5 Mega Pixel camera but not even worth for 1 Mega pixel quality.

#6. After a year spear is not that much quality as well.

So, now a day's SONY is not good and they are loosing their quality and their valuable customers as well.

Even I posted this to their website complaint box as well but so far no one is followup. So, they never worry about their customer at all.

I will not go with Sony here after.

Ravichandran Muthuvel
+91 9952144441

  • anuj22

the touchscreen is pathetic, got it repaired twice.
the processor is slow and camera quality is bad.

  • Red

I want to buy this phone

  • Red

I want to buy this phone

  • zorio

Arn, 06 Jun 2012Touch screen get damaged what shall i do?... Replay me pls.... just sell your phone b4 2 late.. new one

  • Arn

Touch screen get damaged what shall i do?...
Replay me pls....