Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • zeroboy

does dis phone relli have wifi

  • pooya

faraz, 20 Oct 2008the reason why you see all the bad comments is because, when som... moreif u have k850 u don`t need to buy g900,
it`s walkman not comfort, it has many problem with java that supported by k850,
picture of g900 is as good as k850 but g900 has not best-pic option,
i promise u k850 is better than g900

  • pooya

LL, 21 Oct 2008yea u can use it in Toronto because im using it as well but the ... morei have one & it not freezing anyway
it`s so good & i bought 4 gig memory stick for this ,

  • Tobias

Is it possible to install any type of Gps software on the phone?

  • LL

pro , 20 Oct 2008hi ... I am having Sony Ericsson G900 .Can i use this phone in C... moreyea u can use it in Toronto because im using it as well but the phone is not as good as it seems. so far it hasnt given me many troubles but it does freeze at times. phone to computer connection is horribly slow and battery life is wrongly estimated by sony. i probably would say dun buy this phone but for like $4xx.xx the camera is pretty good. i use it mainly for taking photos of lecture slides in class, its extremely visible and clear when view in computer.

  • Maddy

i bought g900 yesterday.. its really awesome.. i wanted to add memory stick of 8 gb to it.. can any one plz tell that will it affect the speed of working.. thank u in advance..

  • art

My wife and I waited this phone since we saw it first on the internet. It's a shame that it did not live up to our expectations. When we were testing the unit that we were supposed to buy, the phone did not even boot up. It hanged on us three times. We tried another unit, it started up but it was so slow when we tried accessing even just the camera.

We're SE fans but I guess we'll just have to shop around for other models.

  • gugu

I need the opinion from G900 users. I am buying this ph soon. Is it true that this ph has software issues? 5mega cam that bad? I have K850. Is it comparable in day light condition? And most importantly, does this ph has SMS emoticons that SE non-smart phs(like cybershots and walkmans) used to have? pls help me. I need to know asap. i'm from singapore.

  • nobody

And there is more - and worse. The menus are slow, very slow. Don't think you'll be able to sync it with your computer - it pairs rarely if at all, no matter bluetooth or cable-connected. I was a huge fan of SE, but this is my last of the brand. If someone of the developers reads this site, you guys failed one hundred percent. I'm not even going to comment the quality of the so-called "5MP"-camera...

  • nobody

This phone is awful. The battery hardly stands for more than two days and a half. There are two buttons you will never use - Notes and Messaging. And you cannot access your contact list while in a call... Terrible failure even compared to K750, which is three and a half years old. Virtually no free software for UIQ3, and the only useful one I found called ClockSS freezes frequently and crashes. I'm still biting my ass for buying two such useless pieces of crap. Stay away!

  • tom7734206

Faraz, 20 Oct 2008Hey i needed some more information on the g900, because im reall... moreI cannot watch youtube videos...and Idk why but camera is good as long as there is sunlight. Looks way better when you upload pics to your comp, but formating your memory card will mess things up. (But I love this phone)

  • pro

hi ... I am having Sony Ericsson G900 .Can i use this phone in CANADA(Toronto) ? Pls let me know

  • faraz

the reason why you see all the bad comments is because, when someone gets something and its fantastic no one runs online and tells the world how great something is, but if its a bad quality people will keep talking about it everywhere.

  • Faraz

KCostas, 14 Oct 2008E61 is a great phone overall with a huge display and quverty key... moreHey i needed some more information on the g900, because im really close to buying it. like how well is the camera and can you go on youtube on its web browser?

  • ricky

hey guys! i am a SE fan and i had g900 for 2 month but when i worked with Samsung G810 then i found that i do a Big mistake to choose this phone and i must to say you G810 is So Bether than this phone in Case of Camera,design,lcd quality , battry charj &....

  • W910 user

Hi, my W910 was not repaired, (remember? the camera went green). Please answer ASAP, is this a good phone? I'm going to buy one tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  • W910 user

Hi, my W910 was not repaired(remember? th camera went green), I'm plannig to buy this phone, please reply ASAP, is it good? I'm going to buy one tomorrow. Thank in advance.

  • Anonymous

Regarding about sms delay, since when you start the handset, you will realise sms are not being recieved, all I did to fix this was to send a sms to another person first and then all the sms messages started to be recieved by my handset...

  • Juanda

Hello i'm from indonesia. Another thing about this handphone is when I received sms, it's a little bit error with the time I received sms got late 1-2 hours.

  • Juanda

Hello i'm from Indonesia. I have problem with writing sms and select contact for sending sms, this handphone respond are so slow. Do you guys have a same problem with me?do you guys have a solution for me? Thank u.