Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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stylish and cheap but the features are quite so so... good if you consider a slim touchscreen...

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Tsepz, 08 Jul 2008Kaka Get the N81 il explain why below. w0QN Besides the camer... moreRAM is not an issue??? ^_^ are you familiar what ram is for in a mobile phones or even computers?

maybe you are not a heavy user, but 35MB of ram on boot up is sadly not enough. For those of you who are not familiar, the available ram on boot up are the remaining free ram not used by the OS alone. Even opening the Menu, Messages, contacts, time, date or Call (which are pretty basic for a phone) takes additional Ram! not to mention the camera, video and mp3 players which eats up much bigger ram.

These phones are supposed to handle MULTI-TASKING! such as opening Microsoft Documents, PDF, Dictionaries, websites and other office applications. These are ram hungry applications. Even my N82 slows down if I forget to close all of these.

Maybe your happy with your N81, good for you! ^_^ unlike others that i know that complains about their unit.

oh yah, regarding the camera quality of G900, look here for samples:­70470&start=120#post2378464

maybe you meant N81 is far far behind? N81 and G900 is a wrong comparison, N81 is a level way below G900. N81 is a "half-baked" model intended to fill up the gap in the portfolio, consider N82 instead as one of your choice.

there is one more problem with slide up phone I have to mention, (because all of my friends have this problem) all of slide up phones would eventually break down in just a year or two! they call it flex(?) its the thing that connects the lower end of the phone to the sliding part of the phone.

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sarah malik, 09 Jul 2008hi g900 users... i am planning to buy this phone but b4 i got fo... moreyes, this phone is capable of multi tasking just like P1i or any Nseries device

  • sarah malik

hi g900 users... i am planning to buy this phone but b4 i got for it can anyone tell me whether one can switch between the applications or not just like one can do in nseries???

  • paul

....soooper i love it ..this is the new's Pi....

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Anonymous, 09 Jul 2008firmware support means that a company acknowledges that there ar... moreyou're right buddy, but in the case of N73 it's hopeless. No matter how many firmware updates there is they can't just fix it anymore.

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firmware support means that a company acknowledges that there are bugs on their phones and correspondingly issue new firmware to correct it.

  • Demenbanget SE

What is the diffrent between G900 and looks same...did i miss something ?


  • T.

yes nokia is gud on FW support but have you ever heard of quality build support? they dont support of the most important and no. 1 rule about cp is there quality build..dont disagree coz its true..!

  • Tsepz

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970If its an Nseries flop why has it just recieved one of the largest and best firmware updates that adds more features and support? Lol please don't crap about something you know nothing about, its selling very well in most countries. LOL even if it was a flop it would still get more FW support thand the most supported SE! :-D

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Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970my advice would be, you should visit shops that sells these handset and then make a "run-through". Perhaps with that you can decide on your own and not to be influenced by others.

  • Raja

Urgent review please....................

  • Tsepz

Get the N81 il explain why below.
Besides the camera the N81 is FAR FAR better than the G900. Touchscreen IMO is not much of an advantage if at all, im able to access ANY and i mean ANY file,app, message, email etc. . .via the Search option from the Standby screen on my N81. Its also got a faster 369mhz Cpu, 96mb RAM which has around 51mb RAM on boot up so its pretty stable especialy when running a lot of apps, over 35mb of RAM on boot is good enough for any Symbian phone so there is no point in comparing RAM here.
The N81 also has built-in audio enhancement DAC33 chip, amazing and loud dual 3D stereo loudspeakers, 3.5mm jack, dedicated Music and Gaming keys, a brighter 2.4inch screen displaying 16million colours, a touch navi-wheel that thanx to the new N81 firmware works in more menus, a faster UI with transitions and animations that make it look better, a FAR superior Web browser based on the very same Webkit that the iPhone Safari browser is based on, flv full YouTube and Flash8 internet content native support, On Demand Paging for better RAM, CPU and Battery management as well as LOADS of Multimedia and Office apps available for it, forgot to mention that N81 also has EDGE and UPnP, as well as the fact that it uses the universal MicroSD memory card format instead of the M2 Micro on SONY which ONLY SE use.

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optional, 08 Jul 2008Hi guys. What is the color of your G900's icons?the default is blue, but the icons can be modified to any color or any icon you want.

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Hi guys. What is the color of your G900's icons?

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kaka22, 07 Jul 2008hey guys do you advice me to take this phone or nokia n81 8gbI wid prefer n81 (either of them) on g900 as the touchscreens are not as comfortable and easly get software problems. The only advantage here wud be a 5mp camera. My bro bought me a N81 8gb but i dont like nokia phones (for no reason) so i gave it to my young sis. And believe me she is LOVING IT :)

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phyllis, 08 Jul 2008ur phone is AP or original?it's ur memory too full??AP?

  • phyllis

qx, 06 Jul 2008why does my phone hangs? and i cant mark several messgae/picture... moreur phone is AP or original?it's ur memory too full??

  • edwin

qx, 06 Jul 2008why does my phone hangs? and i cant mark several messgae/picture... moreget a software upgrade sometime later. usually there are still bugs yet to be fixed even though the phone's launched in the market. Good luck!