Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Cyberminer

I just bought g900 for myself. i find it ok. Camera is 5mega, and easy to use keys! unlike P1i.

  • Anonymous

dude the g900 torch can be installed and be use in p1i,you should have returned ur unit when it was defective..well some users are fast with QWERTY rocker keypad and some with T9,well if u want: a bigger screen,bigger batt,2led flash and QWERTY keypad go for p1i
if u want: a camera 5mp phone,T9 keypad and less heavier go for g900

  • pinoybrother

available now at all sony ericsson stores in the philippines, php 23,980.00 ($535)

  • tsf

hi guys! can someone pls tell me why the colour of the screen for G900 is big different if compared with W960i even their display type r same? i found out the sharpness of the screen colour for G900 is very poor.....why...pls tell me....TQ...

  • Anonymous

jsjv, 04 Jul 2008will this phone be able to sync with my Mac? as in my calendar n... moreMac compatibility
Sony Ericsson PC Suite cannot be used on Mac
computers. For Mac users, however, it will be
possible to use Apple’s synchronizing software
iSync 2 to synchronize data in the G900 with PIM
applications in the computer.
Limitations: Only the address book and the
calendar can be synchronized, and the
synchronization must be performed over a
Bluetooth connection.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2008i think the website in the video is youtube mobile instead of th... moreIt states in the G900 white paper that it already had Flash Lite 3 installed.

  • Anonymous

i think the website in the video is youtube mobile instead of the normal youtube. in fact it doesnt need flashlite support to run the youtube mobile. i think it still doesnt have flashlite though...

  • Jov

WKW, 05 Jul 2008SE mobile phones have been gave me a lot of headache. I was hop... moreWKW:
do u mean that u cant syncro ur outlook calendar to G900? i am thining of getting this phone n i will need that function. currently i am using 2007 outlook. i hope u can answer me on this as i have ask the SE assistant and they told me it will be able to. please let me know e actual answer thank you in advance :)

  • Raoul

T., 05 Jul 2008hi i just want to ask about the battery life of the phone,how lo... moreWhen I fully charge my battery, it will last me 5 days (I switch it off in the nights). My average call time per day is 40 minutes, and I send an average of 3 text message per day. I listen to the music(10 to 15 minutes a day) and browse the web for 5 minutes. So 5 days battery lasting is just great. SE K810i and G900 both have great batteries. I've had Samsungs, LG's and Nokia but they can't compete with SE's battery life, period.

  • Tsepz

YouTube doesnt work because this so called "smartphone" doesnt even have FlashLite support, UIQ phones in general dont support swf or flv formats like s60 Smartphones. You will need to download the new version of CorePlayer to play YouTube.

  • Anonymous

why is youtube not working on the g900?

  • J

dee, 04 Jul 2008hye there, just want to ask u guys, which one is better? P1i or ... moreI am currently using a P1i and will soon exchange it with this one. The key pad layout in P1 was a nice innovation by SE but in use its still not as effective and fast. So i believe they restored the standard layout. To give u an idea, u can easily type an sms on the standard keypad with fewer keys and T9 on without even looking at the screen but not on P1. I realise that for a phone, standard layout is really fast and perfect. I'd leave the qwerty layout for my PC henceforth.
Another good reason is the 5 MP camera. And in P1 u cant use the led flash for video or as a torch which is again rectified in G900. Now u can use the flash for videos and as a torch.
The jog dial on my P1 had a brain of its own since i've bought it. It always jumps any no. of positions IT wants and that too in any direction it likes. U really have to see it to find it as funny as i do. No wonder SE gave it a miss in G900.
Finally, i'd say its a better upgrade since even the talk time claimed is 12 hours. Apart from few of these errors i find P1 to b really nice and would suggest u to go for G900 like i am going to. Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous

Tsepz, 23 Feb 2008Diamondjoker5 It looks like the G900, G700 etc. . . . Are using... moreThe g900 has wi-fi b/g

  • WKW

SE mobile phones have been gave me a lot of headache. I was hoping G900 will not have any problem with its PC suite to sync between my laptop but still have the problem like p900. When the hell SE will make its connection easier like windows mobile? If anyone know how to fix the problem, please help me becasue I have the phone two weeks but I just cannot transfer outlook to G900. Thanks

  • Anonymous

hey i cnt use the camera pls help me out:(,is it bcoz i havent insert the memory card??

  • ian

Can i use p1i theme in G900/

  • sonu khurmi

am intsal software sis file ya uiq

  • T.

hi i just want to ask about the battery life of the phone,how long does it empty after full charge and then using it? i need a comment that is proven..

  • Absulslam

I Had this phone for over a week now, and i must say that I'm impressed with the phone performance

The two things that i like the most are , The speaker which is very loud, the WLAN and the Battery life.

This is could be the best phone I ever had

the only disadvantage in this phone is the LED flash which is useless in dark environments , however in well lighted place the camera is does pretty well.

  • Anonymous

gsmarena pls make a full review come on :/