Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

i actually *like* that it's look is classic and simple. it just means it won't be an eyesore when it's not the latest gadget anymore.

i saw a vid on youtube where you touch the screen when taking a pic to tell the phone where exactly to auto-focus, pretty kick-ass actually

  • jcsan

i just really hope its menu interface and camera pull-up is fast like sonyericsson is reputed for.

@Wayne, you serious??? G900 already??? you've got to be kidding me, SE JUST announced it to be realeased Q2 of '08

  • Anonymous

its with good features but look is normal

  • Anonymous

according to white paper this phone has a ARM9 processor, while the NOKIA N82 got ARM11. does it mean that N82 is more powerful? guys with knowledge about this kindly post your opinion...thanks

  • Anonymous

nice 5MP and wifi too!... very good.

  • steff

i'm excited for this. Hope the price is not too steep. I'm just happy right now that I found a phone that will hopefully fit my needs. And I love the design!!! Contrary to other people on this board, I love bar phone because they look simple and classy. I hate phones that seem so trendy because the design gets outdated rather easily.

SE somewhat disappointed me with their prior releases, but thank God they finally delivered. c",)

  • ah leong

Is there any cover like C902 to protect the lens?

  • richard

WOW!! what an amazing phone! it almost has every feature anyone wants! there is no GPS though but it won't bother me cause using it would just be another pay service at your local network. So for me there is no point at having GPS anyway. I hope this phone would cost a reasonable US$500 when it comes out or roughly Php 20k.. We'll I'm just hoping hehehe.. Can't wait!

  • char

any news of how much this fone would be?
it looks like it gonna cost a bomb to me...

  • Anonymous

this is definitely my next phone. bar form factor, simple design yet inside , it packs a punch!

  • ericssonboy

does the navigation joystick?

  • flavor

i would give this phone a tagline...


  • Anonymous

and the "comparing' thing, makes it more int'resting

  • Anonymous

it's inevitable for people to compare. specially those who knew what where they talking about. that's how it is , so lived with it...

  • Anonymous

I think people should stop comparing fones
im not on anyones side cause im not a s.,e.,nokia,moto,samsung lover or hater people are just over acting saying"ohh this fone is better than nokia" or "nokia is better" its sooo childish this is called opininions not to ruin the fones reputation
if u people dont know the meaning of opinion you people shoudnt post

  • Anonymous

a well thought out handset. a P1i without the confusing QWERTY keypad. a tech savvy filipino will surely going to like this.

  • GUS

I've been waiting for something like this!
How long before the 3G is American bands?

  • LP

Finally a phone with a normal keypad, touchscreen, 5mp camera and wifi. this is the one right here. The only phone which suits my need currently is my P1i. Now i can look forward on changing it to the G900. AWESOME SE! AWESOME! X1 is cool to but the windows UI is too slow im sick of it. maybe they will make it better

  • Arakasi

At last something that seems to replace the old, good K750i. Letís wait for some tests, but it looks like it will be my next cell phone after the before mentioned k750:)! BTW. it doesn't have GPS on-board - at least so it says the below posted G900 whitepaper Ė and thatís the only thing Iím already missing in this model.

  • mikandrew

This seems to be the phone I've been waiting for. I finally feel I can make a worthwhile upgrade from my well loved K750i. WiFi is the clincher. Well done SonyEricsson.