Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

OMG!!! this will kick N82's ass. yahoo!!! sony ericsson will rule once again. this the only worthy upgrade to my K800i. soooo excited!!!

  • Anonymous

i think that with nokia's phone expertise, and sony's walkman quality, nokia and SE could probably create the best phone in the world. then apple would never stand a chance!

  • nick

well actually the n70 isnt.

but this phone was released...2 years after the n95, and they still cant beat it?

somebody explain that please?

  • nick

but nokia are going to release a line up of touch phones so watch out.

these phones dont compare to the Nseries.

even N70 is more advanced than this.

  • Yaroslav

This is truly an awesome phone. Out of the whole mobile phone market, SE is truly the best. This is why Sony Ericsson got the BEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AWARD in 2007! I am sure that SE's future Xperia handsets will be even better than the N-series and even more innovative!

  • Anonymous

would people stop comparing SE with Nokia. Nokia might be a good brand, but keep in mind that even tho the n95-2 has 2x more features, it is also 2x as thick!

anyway at least SE has woken up

  • mac

wow!!! amazing!!! now, i love sony

  • Anonymous

The video recording is QVGA(30Fps) or VGA(30Fps) on this phone??????

  • eNVy

I think these new phones in the SE line up are what people have been waiting for! A gift for the SE fans!

  • r.0.c.k.


a 200m "margin 0f err0r" radius??? d0 u kn0w H0W BIG an area that is??? my, that s0unds like a sucky gps system if ya ask me!!!


  • Anonymous

At last SE made it!
SE keep peoples rocking!
From now SE connecting peoples and noika disconnecting people!

  • francis_tala

another new phone...
looks good.

  • Anonymous

about the n95 gps ( it has an error of 200m so stop with this please :)) )

  • Anonymous

nokia try harder to beat have new phones with no new technologies, the same old tech, SE is new with new tech....keep trying...

  • nick

lol n95 killer, no!

no gps, no hsdpa, no 3.5mm jack, try again SE!

oh and the video quality wont be as good, you'll see!

  • Anonymous

Any chance it will go for less than 400 euro on launch?

  • wow

wow!!?.....n95 killer!!?

  • Anonymous

N95 competitor

  • lalaland

Fourth post!
where's the news???

  • brynn

Nice battery for starters plus symbian plus wifi