Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

If that's the case, then what is sony ericsson doing? they should look at these feedbacks. May i know how much is the original price of the phone (g900) when it was first launch in the market?

  • stayheart

i have forgotten to mention one thing that is my g900 is alse MADE IN CHINA..

  • stayheart

&#8364 mean euro..199

  • stayheart

HuntingForNokia5800, 15 Jan 2010Im really wondering does your G900 is made in china??? Once upon... morei do apologise for my bad english but dude similarly it is happening to me, i've bought this mobile few month ago, it's speed is very low.. this is the slowest mobile i've ever used..:-( i've bought it at €199 and i am very very disapointed from this mobile i also want to sell mine at €150 i will sell it when i will got some job. nowadays i am totally unable to buy another mobile, this is why i am still using this mobile, but this is not made for people like us.. i will sell it to someone who has no interest in symbian mobile, who will use it as a normal mobile whose requirement will be very low.. this mobile will suit some one like him..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2010A bit slow, but a good handset. I have been using this from last... moreDid u just said that it van dwnlod the sOftware? But how? Could u pls just teach me the way u do ?

  • nathardeen

The World worst mobile is G900, I dont understand, why sony manufactured like these type of fones. Sony name willbe damaged for this fone. -Nathar, Vawaladi

  • Peter from Malaysia

.. i'm using Window XP,...
.. it can't be use in Phone Mode for Texting on PC,.
.. only can be use in File Transfer Mode for Transferring files,.
.. :-((

  • Anonymous

It can't be sync'ed with Windows 7.
PC Suite 1.5.26 for the G900 is unfortunately not compatible with Windows 7.

  • Peter from Malaysia

.. just bought 3-Days ago,...
.. GOOD for Texting Messages especially Chinese Words,.
.. BAD for Camera Images Quality,.
.. SLOW for Data Transfer to PC,.
.. SAD for Not Support PC Suite on Phone Mode,.
.. if Not because of the Bargets, should have go for the NOKIA 5800,.
.. :-((

  • HuntingForNokia5800

Im really wondering does your G900 is made in china??? Once upon a time, i bought this phone at this store. After a few months, i realize this phone are not that great. Open messaging are very slow, sometimes freeze, web browser sometimes stuck, and the most sad thing is, the music sound is really really bad if it is volume, eventhough your music quality is 10mb or higher it doesnt help. After i ask myself why does this happening and i asked it to my friend then he said maybe it is made in china and he lol. Im thinking mayb hes right then i check and check, i found it made in china and it written at the battery. I was very dissapointed want to sell it. So any u guys g900 is made in china?? Jst want to know. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

shanti, 13 Jan 2010i am planning to buy this phone.. is it good? i'm can't decide i... moreA bit slow, but a good handset. I have been using this from last 4 months. Just have your software upgraded and it will work fine. I bought it because i am a sony ericsson addict, otherwise you have options in Nokia and LG.
Music is cool, touch is awsome.

  • SJ

shanti, 13 Jan 2010i am planning to buy this phone.. is it good? i'm can't decide i... moreNo it's not. It is really slow, the battery depletes in 2 days(with no WiFi or 3G turned on). Dust accumulates between two screens. It just isn't worth the money.

  • shanti

i am planning to buy this phone.. is it good? i'm can't decide if im going to buy this or the other brand.. please help me

  • bunny

doesn't it easily get broken? coz i've been using sony ericsson phones for a couple of months but it broke easily

  • SAS

Khan, 31 Dec 2009This phone is a failure model of SE! I used it for 14 months and... moreYou used the phone for 14 months, obviously, it is not a toy phone! It is a business phone and they need to be looked after well, just like your business!

  • ravel

for the document reader/editor...does include microsoft powerpoint/word/excel/ and also pdf file?

  • FarzanKayhanian

Hi everyone. I've got this phone for almost a year. It was working not bad. About 2 weeks ago, it fell from a height let's say 10 cm. After that, it became really slow until it didn't work and starting restarting itself consecutively and now the phone don't operate. Can anyone help me about this? Beside, the phone fell 3 more time before this specific time and more harsh ad it didn't get hurt.

  • Jetfire

I have use G900 since it was launch till now.
From my opinion, this phone is an above average business class phone. this is how i use my phone: nite, i fully charge it. then i unplug it and bring it to bed and connect to wifi & watch youtube till i sleep ( approx. 30 minutes, i will fall asleep).
2.wake up in the morning about 8am and go to work. my phone will connect to my SE HDH DS205 stereo headset. they stay connected all the time. phone call is very heavy. I drive alot. i always travel and talk while i am driving. everyday, i have plenty of call from my office and my clients. This phone is have the stamina. no doubt on the talk time.
i go to work from 9am till i reach home about 9pm after dinner, my phone and my bluetooth device still alive with atleast 50%-60% battery and i can still listen to mp3 for the nite if i'm bored.

This dun have fancy UI. IT have been the best Symbian UIQ.

Who will need this phone?
1. people who travel alot, drive alot (a good 1 hand device phone) heavy talktime, bluetooth headset connect all the time( i dun use the phone to talk. only headset), 8GB of storage to keep all my important excel and word file all the time, WiFi to be able to connect to internet at any WIFI spot for free surfing & the best part is, it can watch flash video like youtube.

in the market, there is so many phone that can do all the task but how many that can really last that long of hour?
unpopular people that hardly receive much call or hardly talk more that 15min thru phone per day wont be desperate for the battery stamina.

Call history can keep 1 month call record. msg/email unlimited. nokia e71 can only keep 20 call history.

the price you pay for this phone worth more than any that i can find.

it worth the money if u wan a dependable phone which wont let u down or miss any important call anytime, anyplace, walking, driving, or both hand doing something, 8am-8pm of heavy usage, with bluetooth on all the time, Get this device.

1 full charge, 1 full day of heavy usage.

BTW, i'm hunting for a phone to replace this, anyone can help me? i dun need any fanboy comment. i need hand-on experienced comment.

  • biju naranganam

battary no good daily charging posable no long last
and othet conditions ok

  • SmallFish

xavinho, 31 Dec 2009Hello ey! I have this phone, and I have a problem: My WLAN doesn... moreOr u can try take u batteri out than wait a minit ,put it back Hope my English u can listen...