Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • ea

mememem, 10 Dec 2009people whohave used this phone help ,e how do i set my equaliser... morei dont use equalizer for this phone. the sound quality it self is good.but for setting equalizer go to media center on the main menu. then go to music. when playing a music go to "more" menu then to "setting" menu. there u can find equalizer. also if the camera lens cover is clean, the phone built in camera pics are nice. be sure of your lens cover quality and clean it regulary, both sides.

  • victor

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2009hi i need your advise for this if i want tp buy it ok plz don't buy this phone, better u buy xpress 5800 0r 3g star really very slo and cam is very poor

  • mememem

people whohave used this phone help ,e how do i set my equaliser manually...and the camera its 5mp it looks like vga... help people...

  • watson

which fone shud i buy?plz help me out?g900 or se yari.HELP!this has wifi bt dt 1 has memory upto plz.thnx.

  • Anonymous

hi i need your advise for this if i want tp buy it ok

  • Anonymous

I have used this phone almost 2 years, it has a problem with the touch screen. If the touch screen is not working then you cannot pick up any calls, cuz the pick up button is on the screen, so i need to drop my phone hardly on my bed or hit the phone with my hands to make it work. If anyone haven't buy yet, i suggest not to buy this phone.

  • g900

anny, 04 Dec 2009well.. I plan to buy this phone,, but many people disappoint ab... morePlease do not get this phone...Really not worth of buying this expensive phone.Try getting nokia Xpress music with full touch screen.Please do not buy and regrat.

  • g900

kami, 05 Dec 2009is g900 really bad phone????? :( :(This phone is useless. Althou find it very attractive when buying time, its not worth the money at all.
My problem at first was the headphone with very slow speakers.I could not hear the caller at all unless i use headset.

After awhile the sensor of the screen just tilted to a different angle.i have to press to futher right of the option button itself.

Phone will have no coverage all of sudden.

After awhile, the screen only work in the middle. Could not select option on either side of the screen.

Now, the software itslef hang.I dunno what its doing but just hang.Even i restart or load up a new software is the same.

Now i have dumbed it.

This phone was the worst ever SE production.

  • Vill

to funky d
just flash it with current update. if is doesnt solve ur problem. u have to take it to sesc. i've mine repair so i knew it. at least i satisfy with this phone. and now my phone free from anykind of problem.

  • funky D

vill, 01 Dec 2009to hosna just buy it.. if there's any problem just update the s... moreI wish i could do an update. There is not update available for this model on the sony-ericsson website.

  • swnn

anny, 04 Dec 2009well.. I plan to buy this phone,, but many people disappoint ab... morebad choice.. im struggling with the phone memory deleting.Im kinda stuck,no options left unless i send it for master reset at service centre..this phone is a bad choice..advantage??? best wifi handy.

  • Funky D

kami, 05 Dec 2009is g900 really bad phone????? :( :(Well, i have it since july 2009. At the beginning i had no problem at all. Until then i was satisfy with this phone. But since 2-3 weeks, there is always somethings bugging.

1-Sometimes i get no signal for hours even if i restart the phone over and over.

2-Sometimes, the camera just freeze and i have to restart the phone.

3-On some occasions i was talking with someone and the signal went dead. It never happened with my others phones (moto C370, V551 and K1).

4-Now, sending pics and videos through MMS is a pain in the lower back (to be polite). Each times i do this operation, the phone kinda freeze for 10-20 secondes.

I have contacted the sony ericsson technical services through out email. Each times they answer back telling me to do an update. Yeah, yeah, i wish i could, but the're is no update available anywhere on their website !!

Now i understand why this model didn't last too long on the market !

I wish my comments will help you make a decision.


  • kami

is g900 really bad phone????? :( :(

  • Anonymous

miz24rca, 25 Nov 2009is there asking for any pincode to master reset ? juz bought thi... moreto miz24rca

the default pincode are four zeros (0000)

  • fran

I have this phone on a 18month contract and, to be honest, i cant wait to get rid of it! This is the worst phone i have ever had, it has so many problems with it and no matter how many times it has been sent off for repairs or i have received a new handset, the same problems reoccur. It has definitely put me off of getting another Sony Ericsson.

  • anny

well.. I plan to buy this phone,,
but many people disappoint about it.
I really confuse
what should I do??
please,, somebody, give me some advice,,

  • g900 user

i have the same phone, i had it for about 10 months now, at first the phone sucks, then i finally new how to use it, camera is great, wifi also but i dont like the browser. i even replaced the memory card to 8gig and im so very satisfied. i recommend it! i've read on forums about upgrading the software. i dont know if i already have the latest software, but incase does anyone know where i can get the latest software and how can i found out what software version i have?

  • Mr. D

First time I used this phone I loved it. I always used Sony ercsson, but when I got G900 I really got disapointed. This phone has som many problems, that I will never buy Sony Ericsson again. First of all, it is very slow. By the time I type a text, I can finish eatting my funch. Second of all, my scrin keeps turning off, and turning black. I have to restart my phone every 5 min. Please don't buy this phone, if you do you will just waste your money.

  • Paul

Which do you think is better the W960 or the G900? i'm not sure which one to buy.

  • Farhan

Does this phone support auto-rotate?