Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • malik

my cell also hang i coud not answer the call because touch not working when call arrive

  • puru

hang problem and iwant ne panale in cherry clour tell me where i purchased

  • harry

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2011My sony ericsson g900 touch screen is not working that i cant ev... morei have same problem i cant call anyone ir recv any call

  • springheadman

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2011Pls help, my G900 screen is not functioning anymore, i need to c... more­i-touch-screen-digitizer-panel-oem-258-p.asp

replacement screen

  • Anonymous

Pls help, my G900 screen is not functioning anymore, i need to change d screen but i cant get it in my location. WHERE CAN I BUY G900 SCREEN.

  • A

My phone memory > Storage wizard > Standby keeps increasing it's crazy. I have to master reset and lose everything every now and then.

  • ryano kassanova

untuk pembelian spearpat

  • vicky

my phone video is not,s says unable to open.and youtube is not woking please give me answer..i m waiting.i m frusted plz reply.

  • Anonymous

i have this phone for almost a year it's not good coz i crashed down all may contacts i can't even open and all files have been corrupted even the screen it doesn't work anymore...bad experience having this!

  • Anon

I can't seem to set up the email. Even after watching the youtube tutorial it's still not working.

  • Anonymous

i have this fone for more than 2yrs. i used to like se but not until i got this so dissapointed.internet,game,even just to open contacts or messaging its very slow...sometimes it turns itself off in the middle of doing something.i have tried updating or refreshing software. still no good. there was a day that i got iritated that i purposely threw my fone on a concrete wall. scattered into pieces...broken housing. (surprisingly the screen didnt get any damage ) the looks of it i knew its already the end of my fone.i still check if its going to still least im impress with its durability...

  • phrix

wifi so slow always connection not locate...what i need to do?

  • Anonymous

Piece of junk! Nothing was good with this one. Touchscreen was too small and too non-precise to be handled (even with stencil), the antenna malfunctioned after six months, software was too slow... When I managed to get rid of it, it was certainly relief.

  • JR

If you are looking for this phone, please be prepared to take real good care of it. It does really have good features and everything simple. It works fine for a year and so. I didn't take care of it and it really worn out. My cover were peeling off after half a year. The software getting very slow. The camera quality drop a little.


  • g900 user

i had this phone for almost 3 years. i'm an avid SE phone user, i had SE phones before this. but this one disappointed me. out of the box it had minor problems like when you open multiple apps, the camera crosshair remains on the main interface, a glitch but it happened to me more than a couple of times. the camera image quality was good at first til i noticed the xenon flash went bad and wasn't synchronized when taking a photo, photos taken with flash is crappy. The touchscreen eventually went bad after about 2 years, i use the stylus before, but then i just relied on the keypad. anyway, good points on this is the notepad. very handy. the music quality is good. the interface on phonebook is also good. overall i give it a 2.75 out of 5

  • Anonymous

I had this phone around 2 years.
I consider it as a good phone since it can actually manage my schedule well and the notepad is very useful to me.
However when in come to gaming, it is extremely slow. Not much game that I can play with since the performance of the phone is quite slow.
Other than the slowness of this phone, other functions are consider as good.

  • paul

Can it work with wp2 enterprise???

  • Anonymous

we can not type arabic here ,, you go to seting , language , you will find english . if not , you can add more than 1000 language via sonyericsson website, you download a program to add the lang

  • Anonymous

this phone is great , I have been using it since 3 years , the battery is enough for 3-4 days with normal use until now,, but where can I find a new item in dubai please.....

  • dawa

my phone is in arabic language i need to change this language to rnglish ,can u type the step to change language????????????