Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132

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  • ALEX

I lyk sony erricson... a lot but wot i find so totally confusing is Y???? Y wud u out a 3.5mm Jack on a fone wit 10MB an no memory card slot!!! can ANY1 on earth pls answer dat???

  • Anonymous


SE finally puts in a 3.5mm port for regular headphones.

Some people, like myself, would like good, reliable phone. If it includes a media player, then it's wonderful but at least use the industry standard of the 3.5mm port instead of the proprietary port that SE uses on their other phones!

So what if it's a basic phone?! NOT everyone can afford to spend >$300 on a cell phone.

The design of the J132 could be better! Hopefully when the phone finally ships, the media player is actually that good! SE is facing STIFF competitin from Nokia and Samsung on the music phones!

If only SE would finally put the 3.5mm port into the rest of the SE phones Especially the Walkman line!!

  • Anonymous

wow 3,5 mm jack

  • Babycakes

This is a cellphone. A updated version of a cellphone. Nothing more. Nothing less. But finally, for people who just want a cellphone, they can have a more 'trendy' looking one. woot woot! ;]

  • nick

if you want a low end phone, just buy an older phone..:S

  • paco1x

Why some people are constantly complaining for a budget phone - entry level phone?

Not everyone can afford some high end phones like N95, C905, etc.

  • Dani

- 3.5mm standard audio jack

why on this phone???? useless literally....

Walkman and Cyber-Shot phones need this not this Low-End one.

SE ?

  • Tom

I'm sorry. What is the point in this phone?

Are they actually expecting to sell any!?

  • Opal

Shino03, 28 Jun 2008I wonder why sony ericsson puts 3.5 mm jack on low-end phones ra... morewell u r 99% true why putting a 3.5mm jack on this low end phone instesd that every walkman phine should have it very strange act from SE

  • Sarfaraz

Want this its All that what a phone user needs rather than Multimedia user


Don't expect anything from this phone bec. this phone is a LOW end phone nothing good on it and this phone is built for people who cannot afford phones that are too much...

  • Shino03

I wonder why sony ericsson puts 3.5 mm jack on low-end phones rather on high-end phones. I know that they have a solution for this: Using bluetooth headsets, But its too expensive and rare in our country.

Also, maybe ericsson doesn't want to make 3.5 mm jack on sony ericsson phones, because if that happens mobile users will prefer sony accessories rather than sony ericsson and that wouldn't bring profit for ericsson.
What do you think?

  • Anonymous

This is not a quad or triband phone!
It is dual?
I think even Sagem would be embarrassed for this junk.
Great screen :))))

  • Anonymous

omg 3.5mm headphone jack!! the greatest phone from se

  • Mohit India

friends this is a very basic fone with a good phone book memory of 200 ..
good battry backup n handy too
price - 1700 INR.

  • Khaled

nice phone
suitable for heavy duty workers
anti-dust keypad + torch!
simple and nice

  • TC16

made 2 last
not bad 4 10 max

  • Anonymous

best phone ever.
better than c905, x1, htc diamond, n96, p1.

  • nikhil

nice phone & please check price level