Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132

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  • Anonymous

Kapil Gupta, 28 Sep 2008this phone is priced at 70$ here in Indonesia only cost USD 50.00.. amazing....


2 word describe this thing.... NO COMMENTS.. no camera

  • Gizmo Freak

Great phone with 3.5 mm jack WELL DONE Sony Ericsson .....!!

  • Kapil Gupta

this phone is priced at 70$ here in US.....

  • hidko

finaly... it was about time for SE to see the niche. buy why only for us.i want to use it everywhere!!! it seem like a perfect work phone,when you work outside...So, i`m waiting for it

  • Anonymous

This seems like a very good basic phone. Its about time Sony Ericcson came up with something like this; WELL DONE ! I usually buy nokia basic phones but they are no good anymore as you CANNOT hear them ringing outdoors. Torch facility and FM radio are great features. I note that the phonebook has a capacity for 200 entries. Does anyone at GSM ARENA or anybody know how many texts this phone can store ? Many thanks....

  • vishal shinde

Mohit India, 20 Jun 2008hello friends this is a very basic fone with a good phone book ... morer u sure mohit that se j132 price is 1700/- only.

  • Anonymous

Looks like SE has woken from a deep slumber, if this 3.5mm jack on this phone indicates the shape of the things to come. But, the sooner it embraces 3.5mm with the Walkman lineup, the better.
And, this model is to counter the Nokia entry leve handsets namely 1200, 1208, 1209 and likes for Indian markets where such models give a massive volumes. Good move on the rubberised dust resistant keypad and the torch part.

  • Laaaĝa

yaj-R, 23 Aug 2008Whats the purpse of 3.5 mm jack aside from headphone!... hek!Radio

  • yaj-R

Whats the purpse of 3.5 mm jack aside from headphone!... hek!

  • gideon

ANDREW, 19 Aug 2008replica of the ALcatel OT 311 from 5-6 years ago. and you though... morehey, it is totally different from OT 311!!

open your eyes! both!!

j132 has unique design. n also, has protrude button that make us press the button easily..

SE rules


replica of the ALcatel OT 311 from 5-6 years ago. and you thought nobody would notice :D

  • loyal SE fan

put 3.5 mm on w-phones!

  • Saalim

Mohit India, 20 Jun 2008hello friends this is a very basic fone with a good phone book ... moreHi Mohit,

I heard it has a phonebook of around 500..u mentioned its around 200

  • Anonymous

this phone is so not sony ericsson.
first, everybody noticed it has a 3.5 jack, which has never ever been on a sony ericsson phone.
and the space is on the 0 button. just like nokia.
sony ericsson trying to beat the popukarity of low-end phones.

  • neverwashere

one of SE main and strong money making areas which other mobile brands are still weak in is the accessories. would you buy a high end earphones from SE or a Sony/JVC/ B&O earphones if they give you a 3.5mm jack on the high end models. They have done their maths, my friends.

  • wajood

its look like dam good cell
well done SE
3.5mm jack i love to use it on cell to listn radio
who said that its useless,?? ?
time will come those people using this phone

  • Anonymous

I used to own a K750i, bloody brilliant phone. I did find however that it was a bit on the fragile side. What I wanted was one of those sturdy little Nokias but with the features I used on the Sony Ericsson, that is, the radio and the flashlight.

This phone? I'd buy it, no questions asked.

  • Anonymous

you put 3.5mm jack on this phone so you can listen to the radio. Not your own tunes. Please click on "Pictures" link under the picture of the phone. Radio features prominently.

  • Prince vegeta

They must be joking. Is it really SE? Because SE doesnt have 3.5 mm audio jack. Hah. What a waste! SE management should realize walkman needs it most.